I was on the depo shot and forgot to get mine due in June and had a period after I forgot like normal but now I am 2 months late I didn't completely lose my periods but all the urine test I take say negative but I'm showing and the hospital refuses to do blood work ... I need help I am also craving weird thing my boobs hurt n are heavy and my feet swell and my back hurts.
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So home pregnancy tests are negative ?

Yes.. And they refuse to give me a blood test at the hospital

Ok 1. Get one of every brand of home preg text kits and do them. 2. If your in college go the the student health center-if you are still in hs go see the school nurse 3. Call planned parenthood. Fo 2 and. 3 to get tested regardless of the result of. 1

I am going to obgyn. The pregnancy center said it could not show up on urine but it might blood but like I said I have all the symptoms

Good choice. Now try to relax

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