I'm a Gypsy of a Strange and Distant Kind...on the Inside

Yet, pretty much a regular work-a-day dude on the outside.  I don't "get high",people think I do.  I look bookish (I am) because I really must wear glasses.  If you push me too far,I will come after you in a bad way.  I generally consider the world we live in absurd. (I mean , we still use fossil fuels??W T F ??)      My inner life is light and sound years away.   I listen to the natural roar of wind in the trees at night; it makes others uneasy.  

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

well said jimm0

you sound like me...lol

I'm a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. <br />
The story of my life. <br />
The lyrics to my poem.<br />
Will one day be my epitaph<br />
Written in stone<br />
Here lies Tayer09<br />
a round peg<br />
May she rest in peace<br />
in her rectangular home.<br />
<br />
~Tayer ~)~

Well, I disagree. Maybe your using your uniqueness to act as a wall? Maybe not. You found me. Give yourself a break and be yourself. You have a lot to give.