One day I met an eager young man named Richard and he invited me to address him by D**k. Out of respect for the familiar I preferred to continue using his birth name. I agreed that as we grew to know each other I would consider his request. His friends he said favored the shorter version it they felt described him the best. I would have to get to know him before I was willing to agree with the rest. As time passed he forever asked for favors and as his friend I politely would concur and eventually he accumulated huge debts with me that he always promised to return. Never having the resources always short he would say. Eventually I had to cut him off before my own finances when astray. After telling him no more money he seemed to shy away and eventually within a brief period of time and still without any repayment I never ever seen D**k again.
wherewerewe wherewerewe
46-50, M
Dec 5, 2012