The Force

  i've always liked the movies but never felt the need to own them.i recently went out and bought the movies and find myself reading all these starwars books , i even went out and bought a starwars comic book. this friend of mine has 6 lightsabers all of which cost him a hundred bucks or more and once i saw them i found myself  looking to get some of my own. even tried  to talk a friend of mine into going to cali to go to the starwars convention 30th year anniversary 
sted sted
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3 Responses May 24, 2007

starwars rox

So, did you end up going to the convention? I wish I could've went.

I know what you mean, I use to laugh so hard at trekkies then I started seeing how obsessed I was getting with Star wars and now I can't laugh so hard.