Being Ugly Has Ruined My Life

Looking the way I do has ruined my life.

I was born with a large circle strawberry birthmark on my right cheek. People use to stare at it discusted and I was often made fun of by strangers. I was bullied throughout my school years, perhaps due to my birthmark but also because I was the smallest and most shy person in the class. One time, a boy came up to me and smacked me with a shoe on my left cheek claiming "he'd give me another mark". But it wasn't only children who bullied me, adults have treated me badly too. Teachers ignored me if I needed help, friend's parents were mean, etc.

In my teenage years people started making fun of my height. Thats when I noticed my body was the same size as everyone elses, but my legs weren't. I wasn't short, my legs were! I began obsessing over comparing my legs against people, hoping to find someone that had the same problem. But I never did...

Finally the day came when I could have my birthmark removed. I was so happy! Finally i'd have a chance of being normal. After the operation people no longer looked at me in fear. But on the streets I was still called ugly and I began to realize that it was true.

I've done everything to make myself pretty. From dyeing hair to getting professional makeovers to becoming really fit and healhy, but nothing works. My head is too big, my legs are small and I just feel so trapped in this horrible body.

I am depressed everday. 95% of the time i'm awake is spent comparing myself to other people and dreaming of how my life would be better if I was pretty. It even stopped me from doing well at school, so I was left with bad exam results. And everytime I go outside, I come home feeling really depressed.

I can't go into my dream job of film directing as I couldn't be around beautiful stars. And I can never have a family as it would destory me if my children looked like me.

I know being pretty would give me the confidence I need and then maybe people would be nicer to me. I know this is true as my best friend had the exact same personality and was bullied just like me, but she is able to now have  good life because she is pretty.

The way I feel about my looks is so bad its heartbreaking..



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Same here. Do message me if u want to talk.

I'm am sorry that you've had to experience this. I know how it feels. Growing up I was constantly called ugly and teased about my looks. Asked if I was a boy or girl, asked if I was a lesbian because I looked male, told I looked like a zit on someones ***, I've heard remarks like "ew, who's that ugly girl", and I've been laughed at..I even remember some guy in middle school telling me no man would even want to rape me, and another time that I should never wear skirts again in my life because I have terrible legs.. I am 22 now, and I still remember every single word. I've since grown up, grown out of my awkward stage, finally grew into my body and face..I'm told I'm beautiful by men and women alike all of the time, but still to this day because of the harassment I received growing up I refuse to believe anyone. I rarely ever look at people in the eyes, and when I walk passed people I will turn my head or make a b-line to avoid anyone having to look at my face. People can be cruel, and they should know it can seriously interfere with a persons life...even years and years later, after many men chasing me..I refuse to believe I am beautiful to this day. It can seriously damage someone psychologically.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way! Listen to the song "beautiful" by Christina aguilara it helps me through hard times and I'm also very short and I have kinda big cheeks I'm only thirteen by the way but I'm also physically fit and tiny!!! I get bullied for my height alllll the time I'm only 4'10 lol

Made me cry reading this. I'm in the same situation like you, but I don't know how to accept the disabilities when strangers keep reminding and looking down on me .

True beauty comes from the heart and you have a big beatifil heart anyway the ugly ones are the people calling you ugly anyway always remeber u have a good heart

We are all afraid passing are appearance to our children. We don't want our children to be ridicule in life about their appearance so, we prefer to end our genes here. I did wish for a child but I did not want to take chance of him feeling the way I do now.I wish my parents thought that way before I was born. I guess the people who call us ugly doing are doing us favor so, we will stop producing people with no confidence and ugly in appearance.

You are not ugly its the people whom jude you on your appearnce are. iam only 13 and i only have 1 friend casuse the of way i look and i am a really nice person. its just that people just say out of blue that iam ugly is so upseting i dread going to school i hate going out i only feel comfutable if iam with a friend or family meber.i hate the looks i get when i walk down the strret is horriable and there is nothing i can do about it and that friend had to move schools and house now i only see her on school holidays so now i just sit down wating to go in the class no one to play games with when i ask they always say no =(

Inside of you is a very good person. People may judge you ba<x>sed on your appearance but please dont judge yourself, god made you perfect in his eyes and u have a perfect soul. i feel for you as i have been living with horrible acne scars throughout my life, i try to be positive at times and you should too. may the happiness be with you

I think god needs glasses if, the thinks that I'm beautiful, I do agree with the Stienfield episode when he said 10% of the world population is date-able. The thing about this episode Stienfield and George should not produce a offspring I always thought they both are homely side. So it makes you think, are we really that horrible to reproduce.

Its hard to understand. I feel for you. I hope things get better.

I too have been the victim of bullying because of my looks,and it has basically ruined everything in my life . The bullying didn't really start until High aSchool,and until that point my looks weren't really an issue and I was considered to be quite good looking until I was nearly 12. Then,it became noticeable that I had a broken nose and a slightly swollen left cheek,since then it contributed to low self esteem,depression and even borderline anorexia. I am 33 and I'm still getting bullied because of my looks and i feel i have been cheated out life and haven't worked in 14 years! I am fortunate enough to have met my girlfriend who I now live with,but even now the issue and causes arguments because I find it difficult going out and functioning properly.

It is so easy for people who have money to be pretty,or natural pretty people to not be able to understand this article... She is right, When You are ugly the world is kind of ugly because NO ONE WANTS TO NOTICE YOU IN ANYWAY.. Just look at Susan Boley She is amazing signer But not very pretty on the outside , Omost the whole world laughed at her

When You are ugly the world is kind of ugly.

Even the television judges made fun her appearance until she open her mouth on television. They didn't think someone that homely had any talent. The television judges judge people on their appearance more than their talent. Boley is an exception. I've stopped watch the show the day it came on

oh my gor you're not lonely, I felt exactely the same way that you do. The fact that I didn't look like my mom who was a pretty women will always be frustrating to me.<br />
I know what it is to feel like you are the ugliest girl on earth.<br />
Sorry for my bad englysh. I'm french

Hey dont get urself down their is other people in the world that are just cruel and obnozious,but u know what they are the ones that their life isnt going 2 get anywhere,so dont worry,Ive been called ugly to plenty of times,hey even one time a worked from home depot sadi i was ugly!and it did make me feel bad but I got on with my life,cause he seemed like a pervert anyways,and im a good girl so really guys who do drugs or have sex ae the ones that say im ugly kause i iwont do that ****,and every morning when i wake up for school I feel depressed or I cry because also things just havent been the same everytime I meet new people and make real good friends with them I end up loosing them all,and that just makesme feel even more worse,but hey u have a best friends and hey at least u have ur arms and legs still,their are people out their who sont have any arms or legs and if u want 2 be a directorthen go 4 it! cause really the most beautiful person in the world will be considered as ugly by their attitude

Come on, give yourself a break. Beauty is relative. It is like art: What I may like, you may dislike--and we are looking at the same painting! <br />
<br />
If we compare ourselves with how other people look, we end up either happy or miserable. Keep in mind the thing about looking at the same painting. Someone may refuse to buy it while someone else will give everything for the same painting. See? :-)