I Don't Like Looking At Mirrors...

Although I have 4 kids and I know they love me and I have a new partner - I truly don't know why he chose me to have a relationship with... I once had a dream where my 'soul' was given an attractive body and gorgeous face and I felt really fabulous... pity it was just a dream...  I hate looking at mirrors, I won't pose for photos, I definitely wouldn't talk to anyone with the webcam on and I believe people who don't think I'm unattractive need to wear glasses!!  It's funny though, when I tell my 11yr old son I think I'm ugly he scolds me... maybe love really is blind?
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I can relate. I hate how I look in photos and videos too. I absolutely will not post any vids of myself on youtube because I have seen how brutal the trolls on there can be to people they find ugly and I just don't feel like having my self esteem torn down anymore than it already is. Like you, I don't understand why my partner (husband) wanted me. He tells me he always thought I was attractive but I am convinced he is the only halfway decent guy who feels that way. Life can be tough for less attractive women.

No,they just see whats important.I bet if your heart was any bigger it would burst.Looks arnt everything.You have to be beautiful on the inside first.Nothing else matters.