It depresses me when I look in the mirror and realize we only get one to life to live...and I have to spend it looking like this. :-(
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I'm only partially being funny but... why not take up believing in reincarnation?
I always thought that "living one life" was a load of crap. Where is that written, say?

I know how you feel. I have almost completely given up on trying because there's ALWAYS something wrong with me and I never think I look beautiful. My forehead's too big, I'm too short, I'm too chubby, my eyebrows are too thin, my eyes are too sunken in, I have a receding hairline, and the list goes on and on. I can't stand the way I look and I can't stop getting mad about the fact that there are horrible people that are blessed with beauty. How come I had to be born like this.....I don't deserve it.

I just want to be pretty.

:( Handsome dudes don't even have to try. They have women falling all over them.

I have the exact same feeling. Even when trying so hard with clothes, hair, make up, etc. I just don't feel pretty. I look at my friends and don't feel like I belong because I'm so ugly. I just want to crawl in a hole or a wear a bag on my head. This is the only life I'll ever get and I'm going to spend it looking like THIS. Plastic surgery doesn't appeal to me, so it's just something(unfortunately) we'll have to get used to. I'm probably going to die alone....sad, but sometimes it's best to face the facts. I'm sorry about how you feel towards yourself. I don't have any advice for you since I'm in the same boat. I can only share in your pain. I know it's not very helpful, but it's all I can do. Just work on your inner beauty I guess.

God played a joke on me. I wasn't a terrible person growing up. I seen people rotten to the core get everything life provides for them because how attractive they were. I don't know what I did to deserve this life. I would have settle for average looking.

Feel the same way

I know the feeling :(<br />
Id literally do anything to change the way i look, but cant do anything, if I overwork myself to get money for improvements ill probably could improve what i lost by overworking<br />
Am trying to get a work/exercise schedule going right now but have a feeling it wont make enough of a difference

It will not make any difference, we ugly people have to have plastic surgery. Its in the cards if, we want to fit in. Why we don't fit in, I do not know because their seems to be a lot of us out their. Most of the people that called me ugly were ugly themselves. That why I never understood someone calling the kettle black. It not the beautiful people that cause our insecurities it the below average that did it to us. Its just some people are more hideous.

aww i feel the same way it sucks.