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Only Ugly People Say That Beauty Is On The Inside

I was sitting on the school bus one day, not bothering anyone just listening to my iPod when the girl in the seat in front of me turned around and asked what I thought about beauty. I said that beauty was on the inside, it depended on your personality. Well both her and all her popular snotty people in high school laughed and she said that only truly ugly people said that. I just went back to my music and ignored them the rest of the ride home. I've had a handful of boyfriends before but really I don't care about that. I mean, sure all girls think they're ugly at some point right? I don't wear make up mainly because I never had the need to learn how to apply it I guess. I hang out with the nerds at school and my best friend is a gay guy. I get it, I'm not popular or pretty, but do I need to be? I try to be happy with myself but it's kind of hard when people are always trying to put you down you know? Whatever happened to kindergarden when our teachers and parents told us if we didn't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? =/
Whisper15 Whisper15 13-15 6 Responses Nov 27, 2011

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I rather be beautiful/handsome the world will bow before you and forgive your short comings. I can prove it. There would be no actresses or actors in Hollywood. If actors/ actresses relied on what the do for mankind and not relied on their looks Hollywood would be a lonely place. We forgive athletes committing crimes(Micheal Vick)(ban from football and still playing) among many others athletes .

I'd rather have beauty that radiates from the inside out, than have beauty that's only skin deep. <br />
You are truly beautiful. Don't let anyone convince you to be someone or something else. Some people take a lifetime to figure out what you already know, and that's so awesome!

I am old enough to be your Grandmother and I can tell that you are mature and delightful. Loving your natural self is a gift. Being your natural self is a gift too. Looks are fleeting, (and a matter of opinion) what you have is character, self awareness, self confidense, sensitivity, a bright and thoughtful mind, grace and dignity, those things will sustain you through anything. Never change, your live will be a worthy and useful one, you will soar! Besides, I have found that the snotty girls are often the sad Grandmothers of the future because they depended on their looks, and their looks deserted them when they needed them most. I'm cheering for you honey.

You're a gift from God. Don't worry about anyone else. I think everyone has those days when you wake up and wonder what the heck happened lol.

You're a gift from God. Don't worry about anyone else. I think everyone has those days when you wake up and wonder what the heck happened lol.

I really like your view on this, reminds me of when I was your age. Those so called snotty people, they like to pick on other people because honestly, they can't stand to see someone happy and content with themselves. The only way they feel good about themselves is to degrade someone else. They usually have a limited amount of friends, and there are more people talking behind their backs about how snobby they are while they live in a fantasy world created by their own insecurities and the people they pick on have genuine, loyal friends and are happier not to be them.<br />
Kudos to you!