13 And I Think Im Ugly, Fat, Jealous And Everything Bad

im 13 and i im not the skinniest, people say im pretty but i just dont see it. I see my self as a fat and ugly blob. ive got red scars on my face from acne and people always say your red, ive got stretch marks on my inner thighs and my mum and sister are like ive got my finger stuck when they poke me or theyre are like ohh you got cellulite or you got stretch marks or look at your stomach you must be pregnant! Also ive like this guy for years and he lives down my street and ive been crushing on him for ages and we used to be friends. sometimes he would be like would you ever go out with me and i would always be like no because i was only in year 4. now i dont know if it was a joke or not and that makes me feel worse! the only people i can told to are my two best friends and i just cant tell them, one of my best friends whose a guy is getting close with this girl and he has facebook statuses saying im in love with ....... and i get really jealous! also i dont like the group im in at school i always thought i was gonna be with the cool or popular group but im not and it makes me feel unspecial. i dont have many friends on facebook, i dont know how to lose weight and I dont know what to do there is so much more ging on inside me but i cant write it all! Help me! PS i accidently clicked male for my profile im actually a girl!
jixs jixs
13-15, M
May 1, 2012