Help Me Please??

So.. I think im UGLY i mean to say NOT attractive. All my friends are so perfect. Im 20 years old and i weigh 160 lbs. And i have so much acne scarring that about 3-4 times in my life i have cried so much i almost had a heart attack and also choked while crying alone in the bathroom. I have a boyfriend who loves me like anything but still i think he might leave me someday. I dont know why but i just do !! I also have always been the "average" girl between al my friends while all the poeple i know have a perfect nose or the perfect face shape while im just... Fat :( i really wish there was someway i could stop feeling that way :( i need help. I tried counseling but they just say s the same thing again and again that beauty is on the inside!! Yeah well... The outside counts ALOT TOO nowadays .!!!!
Help meeee plzzz anybodyyy
Uglyfatty19 Uglyfatty19
May 22, 2012