I'm So Ugly. I Hate Myself.

You know that saying "that's only a face that a mother can love"? Well, even my mother makes fun of my face. She never says anything nice to me ever. She always criticizes me or however it's spelled. I know I'm ugly and fat. I don't need other people telling me something I already know.
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7 Responses Sep 15, 2012

your pretty at least everyday people see me make fun of me because i am ugly people bring me down and i try my best . people always ask how do u have those marks on your face ?? i make make up answers because its my fault i cause them and i have to pay for it. :(

i know how you feel i go through the same thing every day and you are so goregous and pm me some time i would love to be best friends with you

thanks but i never feel pretty. but i will (:

Wow ur not ugly ur really cute

I can tell by your profile picture that you are not fat or ugly. You are drop dead gorgeous! I wish I could look as beautiful as you! <3

thanks (: lol but i dont think so haha

I logged in just to let you know that you are beautiful! Your picture is gorgeous! I am a mother myself and while it is wrong to make your kids feel bad sometime mothers make mistakes. As you grow into a woman I know you will be a beautiful woman. You are already gorgeous as a teenage girl. It's going to get better.

You are not fat or ugly! I think your are perfect and really pretty! don't ever think otherwise!

I want to tell you something that you probably already know but still not believe, just because you're fat, doesn't mean you ugly, its the society that is ugly.
And yes maybe other people don't find you beautiful, but it also doesn't mean you less beautiful, its because them can't see it. You're beautiful, see yourself as a whole person, not just outside appearance... one day you will understand this is true :)