God must have a bad sense of humor. Its hard enough grow up trying to get good grades in high school. We shouldn't have to worry about our appearance, but we do. As a teenager or adults you should not be ridicule about our appearance. We can not control what we look like. I did not wake up one day and said to myself, I want to be the ugliest person on the F****** planet and want to have people keep reminding me about it. If your ugly and you see no opening in your future. Seriously think about plastic surgery. Don't wait until most of you life is over. I'm in my 50s now and regret not going through with it. I'm alone and a shut in because of my appearance. Things will not get better for you, trust me. Just find out from other what make you ugly. It could be one thing or the combination of many things. Don't wait and don't want to fix the wrong body part.
vertigo941 vertigo941
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

u still got life left to live boss.its not over till its over