Is It Me Or Them?

I'm a female and ever since I could remember the guys I like don't like me. I totally understand your going to get rejected but why all the time! They talk about me like I'm a dog. I get very sad and depressed but on the outside I seen strong. I can't let them see me weak. I refuse. I tuned people out for a long time but there is only so much one person can take. I have my days when I feel like I'm the ****, then others when I believe I am ugly, smh sad
Ladiidj Ladiidj
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I dont get why some people have to be so mean. I remember a group of guys talking out loud for me to hear them say "the only reason her personality is nice because it makes up for how ugly she is." As horrible as it sounds, it makes me happy to see where they are in life atm. Looks don't last forever!

I know the feeling... Keep your head up! There's someone out there for you.

Hey, this is going to sound really cliched but nobody is really that ugly and the only way that you can be ugly (in my opinion), is if you have a crappy personality, which I doubt you have. I get really depressed when my mom (yeah i know my mom!) calls me ugly, but then I just brush it aside, because I know that not everybody in the world is as judgemental as her. Just keep looking, and youll find that person who will love you!:)