Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.......

Who is the ugliest of them all?

I've never felt pretty or beautiful in my life. I know God made everyone beautiful in His sight, but for some reason I still feel ugly and unwanted. Why don't I feel beautiful? Why don't I like myself? I've come to grips that I am ugly and unattractive. I can remember as a young adult I was never asked out by a guy while all my peers was going out on movie dates. I was at home crying and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I have always and still feel like there's so many things wrong with me. I feel like my hair is unmanagble, I'm overweight and I wear glasses, and etc. It seems like everything is wrong and soceity has no problem reminding me.

Now at the age of 35, I still haven't been on a date. This is crazy! I have a to die for personality and awesome giving heart. I am loyal, faithful and would do anything for anyone. I would think that should count more than looks. But not to mention my weight has made it worst. Being ugly and overweight is not a good combination. I stop going places because people would make fun of me. I'm talking about adults acting like kids. Their fat and hair jokes made my self esteem worsten. I've learn to hide behind closed doors to avoid society negativity, so I just work and go home.

Inspite the way I feel about my looks, my son tells me everday how beautiful I am. I just wished I could tell myself that I am beautiful.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Excuse me, but I am younger than you. & I just wanted to say, don't down yourself ever! EVERYBODY is beautiful, and i'm not just saying this just to say it, i'm saying it because it's true. Everybody's not perfect, but somewhere on them, it's a touch of beauty. Nobody was born ugly.