I'm ugly. I'm 13 and weigh 126 pounds. I'm 5'4. I have pale skin & lots of freckles. My acne is not too bad, but it's there. I have big feet & ugly toes.I have braces. My eye lashes are too short. I have just plain brown eyes.. Long brown hair. I really don't like my appearance..I'm so jealous of my friends.. They're all really skinny & tan. Clear skin.. Pretty blue eyes. Then there's me.. I don't know how to cope with this. I hate looking In the mirror. I hate taking pictures because I look ugly in EVERY SINGLE ONE. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.. What do I do? How can I make my freckles go away.. How can I loose weigt? Nothing works. I've tried being bulimic... But I just gained more weight. HELP me. Before I do something I regret.
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Freckles are actually pretty cute on some girls but if you definitely hate them and feel like they are holding you back from being happy then you can ask your dermatologist about a procedure called "Laser Skin Resurfacing" it takes about 4 visits and costs a total of about $2,000 dollars but it will get rid of all your freckles as well as any small scars from zits etc. But remember to wear a lot of sunblock on your face or else you will get new freckles when your skin is exposed to the sun.

This is a VERY LONG post.
You can loose weight on an Asian diet. Asian women are usually slim because of the healthy and nutritious meals they eat. Korean food is great for weight loss. Korean food isn't everybody's thing but you could try it.
I lost weight by eating Korean food. I haven't checked the scale yet but everybody tells me i'm slimmer.
There are many recipes for fussy eaters (me lol) example:
Google them.
A good diet plan would be:
Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt OR Toast
For lunch: Salad and slice of wholemeal bread
Dinner: An Asian meal consisting of a soup and side dish (you're supposed to have a main too but if you want to loose weight quickly go with the soup&side-dish)

1. Brown eyes are gorgeous. Why would you want blue eyes? (no offence) Blue eyes are piercing, yes but brown eyes have depth. Brown eyes are attractive, cute and make eyes look bigger. People with blue eyes appear to have smaller eyes because of the lack of depth. Brown eyes are in no way plain (blue eyes are plain and common). If you still desire these plain blue eyes I guess you could get blue circle lenses (they dry out your eyes though) to wear ONLY SOMETIMES. Not all the time. Google: "blue circle lenses"

2. I hate when people say they want tans. Pale skin is beautiful and innocent . There's about 4 billion n Asia people who would kill for your skin color. Tans are uneven, streaked and ugly (not being racist, im talking about fake/sun tans). Pale skin looks clear, bright and bewitching. If your skin is sickly looking pale then try a bb cream. BB creams brighten and clear skin. It's like a concealer kinda thing that works well to hide freckles, pimples, crappy tans and such. It makes your skin glow and shine but keeps that magical light complexion.
Google: Park Hye Min and Dakota rose. They are gorgeous women known for their doll-like pale skin

3. I personally love straight hair but you could buy a curling iron. Go on Google images and type in "Chesserland Wig" and look at the first image .
Long hair is amazing.
Your braces WILL get taken off just wait. Wear lengthening mascara for your eyelashes. 5'4 is around the average height for a woman so you're tall for a 13 year old well maybe i'm saying that because i'm only 4'11.. lol. Short=cute..
Sorry if I sounded a bit mean and un-supportive but I really do know what is beautiful and what isn't. I used to blog about beauty and I have extremely high standards in beauty .. so listen to meeee. Lol bye bye.. good luck
ps: Tans aren't worth the skin cancer

You should know that 126 is not bad, especially for your height. 5-10 lbs should do it. I know that you are a beautiful person. You should not think of yourself as ugly or believe anyone else who tells you otherwise. You have to know that you are a strong beautiful woman, because once you start believing that, thats when it starts coming true. As for your image, I can tell you I weighed much more than that when I was thirteen and I was two inches shorter. Now that I am older most of the weight came off on it's own, and once you get taller the thinner you'll look. The rest of it came off with hard work, and healthy eating which is not as hard as it sounds with the right attitude. As for freckles, they are not ugly their are many supermodels who have them, I've got loads and I am now considered one of the prettiest girls at my school, Once those braces come off you will have beautiful straight teeth, remember that, and acne goes away and there are many treatments to it. Their is nothing wrong with brown hair and eyes, look at Anne Hathaway, Tyra Banks, and Lucy Hale. PS look at any high school year book and current pictures of the students the "ugly" ones are always the ones who are the most beautiful at the end.

if you want to lose weight then there is only thing that can help. workout! yes, start working out, it helps both mentally and physically. Look for the perfect workout for you in internet.....and I'm sure you're not ugly. I believe nobody is ugly because we all are creations of God. :)

Thanks you so much!

you're welcome. I hope my words helped you..