Just Feelin' Ugly, Like Usual.

You know, I've always thought that being ugly gives you character.

Let's be honest; it doesn't.

Another lie to make someone feel good- but, now, I understand myself better. You see, to "be" ugly is the different as to "feel" ugly. And, most of us get that mixed up.
Because, we feel ugly, for example, there are the 'Attention ******' who actually believe they're physically deformed, and then there are the 'Normal, Average People, Taken for Granted' who are confident about themselves, even if they're not what they perceive to be beautiful.

But, feeling ugly doesn't give you an ounce of character- but BEING yourself does.

You know, I've always wanted to... Make peace with myself and my body. And, at last, I realized; you just can't. Until you, yourself, have settled down, found someone/something you love, have thirty cats (optional), and be HAPPY! Like, genuinely.

People always try to reassure you, I assure you, I know that. A lot of people try to do that with me too. It sucks- because when you look at yourself, you can't understand what they see in you. I mean c'mon, I have acne, AND acne scars, facial hair- that apparently is invisible to my aunt- hairy armpits that can't be shaved, hairy everywhere, and weird nostrils. Seriously, who would wanna date that?

But then, when you look past all of the crap above, you realize- eh, I have nice lips, or pretty hands and feet, my eyes are pretty cool too, and I'm naturally caramel colored, and I have a kinda okay face- now I just gotta find someone who can love this para, not the other one.

Oh, and you gotta love the second para too, or else how could you find someone else to love it?

Anyway, just wanted to get that out- and, good luck with finding your something/someone to love (:

Cheers! :D
indiankimchi indiankimchi
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2013

Dont forget your eyes by your pic you look beautiful.If some one cannt get pass the outside and love you for you then there not worth it.Ever hear that?I have evr since 4th grade.We are all ugley and beautiful.When we find the right person it's like a puzzel piece it just fits together

Even though, I'm completely utterly flattered- those aren't my eyes. I got it off the net, for a book-cover. (: But, still thank you.

Regardless if they are or not.We may never meet or see each other and not to creep you out but i love you you are loved dont forget someone somewhere dose love you hang in there.If life was easy we would never know it without the hardships.