I'm Totally Ugly. :/

Okay, so only 13 years old, and i could probably compete for the title of ugliest loser in world. Im almost six freaking feet tall, i'm fat, and i keep getting pimples. My hair is all weird, my feet are huge, and to top it all off, my parents make me wear pants that are practically falling down around my legs, baggy shirts, and long skirts. Its not like i really go anywhere....but i just wish i could be pretty. I'm working on loosing weight....its never enough. My teeth are huge and crooked, and my parents wont let me get braces. Plus, they're yellow, and i have this gap.....
i hate my body.XD
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Im 27 and im here to tell you...Its just something you're going thru!About your hair try to earn maybe like 5 bucks and buy hair moose:-)Wash your hair and use it,Works mircles.You are beautiful and special.If they make u wear clothes like that just try ironing them just to look a little better:)

Yep...but is it really just "a stage"? seems like forever to me...

Hey....I am ugly too but I embrace it you know? My flaws..yeah I hate them but It's not like I can change them (Some of them). I was studying your picture (sorry if its creepy) but you are actually beautiful. If you want to say your ugly then it must be opposite day. I am FAT, SHORT, MESSED UP TEETH etc.... I want braces too but I cant afford it...Sorry to say that I do wear tight clothes well not that tight but not baggy....Perhaps your parents dont want anyone seeing your Gorgeous Body :) lol My parents did the same...As for the acne.gosh it's gross right? Maybe have some mask to help it out?....Also I am 13 too....(Just wanted to put that out there) lol Oh and I want to know about you're hair....It cant be worst than mine.

My parents are....yeah. >_< And its like wtf.....why? I never did anything to u, why u invading my face?XD and my hair is frizzy, poofy...wavy enough to be a pain in the rear. Plus, when i braid it? -shudders- i look like a poddle when it comes out.xD

Yeah I took my moms advice and wash my hair and flatiron it instead of going to Hair cuttery and it is so poofy lol......