Ugliness Becomes Me

Well, I've been called ugly all my childhood until I was about 17ish.... From fat, racial slurs, to just plain ugly... Its hard to change after hearing years of negativity.... I guess after graduating from high school things did change for me. People started calling me pretty yada yada... And I was like who? Me? Its hard to take a compliment and to actually believe it is beyond comprehension in my mind. It is a battle I most say. Because I mean face it, people are attracted to confident people, people that are comfortable in their own skin.... I don't think that I'm horrible to look at... But its hard for me to look someone in the eyes and have a conversation, without thinking that they think I'm ugly. Sigh. I want to believe that I am at least average looking and be confident... But I'm scared to be blown over with some comment with the word ugly in it directed towards yours truly. I know that looks fade and I should embrace me and know that I am not ugly! That I can be and I am beautiful! Its a struggle and only I can change my mind. Not the nice compliments that I receive or I'm interested glances... I have to see that I am beautiful regardless if I get these nice gestures. It starts from within...
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1 Response Jan 25, 2013

I have this situation too! It really about the confidence. I wish I one :)