I Have No Story Its Truth

I always sit an think about how ugly I am since I was 10 years old I'm now 123pounds 5² I fell fat always have even at 100 pounds I fell fat I starve myself once I got down to 85 pounds and was ok with it but still wanted to lose more I fell that I'm too dark skined I hate the way I look fell dress I hate my color weight size height my hair my lifestyle the way I think I'm 27 years old I have no friends don't go out an have fun don't know what its like to have good fun with a friend never been out don't party never been to a real party never been invited to anything I don't ha a car no job no money no hope
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

argh i feel your pain sis. how i wish you were comforted in some way. just keep pushing towards whatsoever you so desire and don't give up. I am 5"4 and 8 and a half stone (119pounds) and i know i am a fat ugly cow. but hey, if i keep starving and but really good makeup, i would probally be a little bit better one day.

Is the glamor magazines that influence you? You realize that a lot of those photos are altered to make the models look thinner. Real women have curves to them.

You won't believe me, but I'll say it anyway. 5'2" and 123 pounds is actually a nice weight. It's not fat at all.