I Am Ugly.

I'm not fat. I'm not disfigured. I'm ugly. I'm disgusting.

When you're ugly, the person you love and the person who loves you is never ever the same person. I wish I could make someone as happy as they make me but I can't. I deserve to be hated. I deserve every second of being lonely. When you're this repulsive, you know you're not really a person.

What you're doing isn't dying.

When you're this repulsive, it's not suicide it's common sense.

I understand why i'm lonely but it still rips you up inside when you realise the person you love thinks you're disgusting. That you could love them so much and it means nothing. That you could never make them happy.

Unless you stopped hanging out with them

and talking to them

to just stop being

and you just want to make them happy.

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19 Responses Jan 26, 2009

Suicide is probably a one-way ticket to hell.

Also, you do not know the meaning of love.

Every one is beautiful in their own way. Don't think of your self that way :')

Hello all. Hope everything is well. I will start off by saying I am hideous! Ugly as sin. It doesn't get much than this believe me. Anytime you step foot out of the door and it hasn't even been 5 minutes only to endure dirty looks from nearly everyone that passes you by then you know you've got it bad. Don't know what my parents were thinking in terms of procreation but I am the poster child of what happens when two people mate without considering what their working with. Neither is physically attractive so hence I'm exponentially unattractive! Sometimes I wonder why they brought me into the world so ugly. Nonetheless they're my parents and I love them:) I just hate my experiences. I understand why people stare. I just hate the dirty looks. It's like they're saying "you're ****** up, you deserve it and yes I hate you now just die!" why add salt to the wound? I can't help the way I look. I didn't ask to be here! I'm simply trying to make the best of what I "have". Anyway I'm sure no one has nearly as bad as me. Can you imagine being so ugly and the ones who gave you life don't even stop by to see how you're coping with it? I hate my experiences. I'm just ugly and so life treats me this way. Ladies night out? No they dont exist in my world. Id hate to bring my ugly reality and all its awkwardness to anyone I'm with. Nah they don't deserve that and it's not fair to them. So I go out alone. I'd rather deal with the humiliation solo. Guess I deserve it huh? I'm convinced I must have been Adolf Hitler in my past life to have to ebdure this so-called existence. I love myself nonetheless. Good day all:-)

I know how you feel. I got it pretty bad myself. Even unattractive women are repulsed by me. Just know, you are not the only one lonely and suffering…

I didn't just get hit with the ugly stick, it was a friggen oak tree!

I completely understand. There was a man that I really loved, and as soon as he found out, he cut me out of his life for good. He was one person that I thought would never hurt me. Boy was I wrong.

I also know how you feel, just look at how ugly and repulsive I am, I have attempted suicide a few times because I 'don't have the right looks' that many modern women go for. I also wrote a blog on this too, how being unsuccessful with women (and women with men) can put a serious dent in your self confidence and make you question your looks and come to the conclusion that I may well be ugly. <br />
<br />
Just see it for yourself. A man who feels empty, lonely, depressed (and ugly) and has lost all hope. I didn't even capture this pic when I was depressed, but when I was in a normal state. <br />
<br />

i feel i deserve to be happier as well and like you said about the ulterior motives and i used to feel exactly that... and wore my heart on my sleeve possibly more if not as much as you.. i feel like you sorta describe a pretty recent and somewhat current part of my life

omg i'm ugly too.I have no friends.I never take pics and everyone comments on how pretty my kids are n even ask i'm sure there mine.I sometimes feel like just dying but I DONT have the courage to end it myself.

Damn...People can be such jerks.

"i" smile when i read your comments. Perhaps you feel as i do: i wish i just looked "acceptable"...not handsome or pretty. Just acceptable. When little kids just stare at you with binkies in their mouths while holding their parent's hand, what can you do? Sometimes you smile. Sometimes you just look away. But, every thing you said is true of so many of us. I wonder how many of us there really are? (Boy is that bad grammar.)<br />
<br />
"i" posted, as you have, and felt better for just getting it out. Printed out my post and gave it to a shrink at the V.A. Yes, they have term for us and our state of mind. What a surprise. And, there willing to give me a pill they think will help. It's used on epileptics. i wanted to ask the shrink, " Will the pill take away the ugly?" I haven't got that pill yet. I'm not sure I want to be a lab rat.<br />
<br />
But, back to you. This sort of forum or posting business helps, doesn't it? Keep posting and reading. Big question: do you have a few friends or some sort of things you do for fun?

i hate the way i look too......i've always been rejected.

I wish I didn't care about how I looked. I wish I could be comfortable and happy, but I'm not able to, when I see romance stories about how two beautiful people love eachother and I see all my friends who are all gorgeous in their own way. My friends and family tell me I'm cute, but I look like I have special needs. My eyes are tiny, when I smile I have these ugly skin folds around my mouth, my shoulders are wide, my head and jaw shapes are thick and unflattering. It take multiple tries for me to get a decent looking picture, and having a sister who looks like a supermodel DOESN'T help.

Hey there;
I can tell you that the profile picture you have (even when it is a little thumbnail) looks pretty balanced and actually good looking, thought it doesn't really show much more than a silhouette. Funny enough, you posses the kind of chin I'd like to have.
My chin is small a little sank into my face, i have a round, strange face, with a big forehead that has two uneven "bumps" on the sides, much more visible when i'm under the direct sunlight coming straight from above, thus they both cast a shadow that make them look even "bumpier" than they are.
I always had scarce, uneven half-baked eyebrows, with a patch without any hairs where it is supposed to "peak" over the right eye. In addition, three years ago I try to have them shaped and trimmed neatly by using permanent laser tratment and they burned them so badly that now they are practically non existent and I have to permanent pain them (and they look horribly fake!) on my face. I do not have very well marked cheek bones and my mouth seems to be drawn lower than it should. as I am aging, I find wrinkles forming in strange places, assuming a course different from the wrinkles of most women around their mouths and nose. ( I will be 36 by the end of the year) I do think i have a pretty smile, but as a teenager, I broke three of my frontal teeth and though in good shape, they have been replaced with a material that is supposed to be just temporary and it has become yellowish over time. When I relax my mouth or open it in a movement than a woman with full, curvaceous lips would look sexy, showing her upper teeth, my mouth shows none upper teeth at all but all my bottom teeth. One day a boyfriend told me not to open my mouth like that right before kissing him because i looked like a trout and it was a turn off.
I ham thin and I actually have a pretty nice body. Nevertheless, because of the roundness of my face, I look somewhat plump. I have a weird profile and I would do anything to improve it, to make it more harmonic. I have a yellowish complexion and on top of it all, and what hurts me most, I have what is called a chloasma, over my upper lip, which darkens with the sun, has not possible treatment and at a first look, seems the shadow of a mustache. ( I actually have absolutely no facial hair at all!, not even where I should, like my eyebrows) I have had a life full of difficulties and when i look at myself in the mirror i see someone with a very bitter tired expression, who looks upset, angry all the time even when I am sometimes happy! So unless I am actually smiling, I look really, really bitter. people always think I am mad at them even when I am not, even when my feelings towards them at that moment are very positive. This have brought me immense difficulties in personal relationships and at work where no matter how proactive and "happy" I show to be, people think I have a bad attitude due to my normal looks. I am certain that if I were not even pretty, but more "normal" looking, better looking, my life would have been much easier. My sister who actually has similar features to mine but arranged in a much better fashion, somehow better designed , more "complete" enjoys enormous success, has hundreds of friends and several very handsome romantic and sexual partners and obviously a self confidence that I do not posses. Even in my family, as we were growing up, she was always admired and given the benefit of the doubt even when she was being nasty. People would smile or openly laugh celebrating her "wit" and sarcastic sense of humour, but they would give me odd, resentful looks if I made an ironic remark half as caustic *** hers and the few times somebody complimented my looks they would say "oh that is a pretty skirt or a beautiful dress" but I hardly ever heard "you look pretty today" and much less (if ever" you "are" pretty. My sister was told that several times a day. She is taller than me, has a fairer complexion, light eyes (gray or blue gray) (mine are hazel) and full and beautifully arched eyebrows, a fuller upper lip (mine is thin and barely visible) and a proportionate chin. I have very thin, kind of wavy hair which sometimes looks nice but most of the times, looks limp. Hers is thicker, rich in color , straight and heavy. I always feel I was a sketch nature (and my parents genes) were somehow using to design my younger sister. I should maybe had been "terminated' as a project, from a biological point of view (I was born after 7 months of pregnancy) but i feel so sad thinking that all the beautiful things I have seen, done and thought and all the love I have for life and nature would thus be irreversibly lost. I deserve to be happier than I am and get more for the efforts I make in life. Things seem to be more difficult to attain for me than for most people in exchange for the same amount of effort, people do not seem to trust me and I am convinced it is because of the strange looks I have. I LOOK as someone who should not be trusted, someone who has ulterior reasons, a hidden agenda, and yet I haven't met someone who wears her hand on the sleeve more than I do, someone who strives for fairness and who cares about the environment and the suffering as much as I do. I used to hate my face so much that I caused several permanent scarring on my cheeks. I have a brown spot where there was a pimple once which ended up being an infection the size of a quarter. on the opposite side, the other cheek, I have had, for the past 5 years, a dilated pore which is reddish all the time, it looks at all times as a fresh wound even if I don't touch it for long periods of time. And though sometimes i can look gracious and i really like my smile, I;d like to do a few things that could improve my image, not make me beautiful, but just more harmonic looking, less "angry", bitter or "unwelcoming" I am a good human being with not few talents. But I have never been easily given the benefit of the doubt and therefore I have to always invest unreasonable amounts of energy and time "proving" myself to others. Once they get to know me, they like me. But this makes it extremely difficult to have lasting, relevant relationships with men, who are with me because I am a good woman, but eventually feel tired (and never seem too proud holding my hand socially or posting pictures of the two of us together in facebook) of my looks. I am very very sad most of the times and I feel quite lonely, though I am very independent and I do most things alone, from traveling abroad , to hiking and swimming long distances, to going to movies. But i would love to be able to share these wonderful activities with somebody who likes me as much as I like them.

Man, I thought I was the only one with the drawn-down mouth with a 'miserable' tired expression even when in a good mood. I hate it when my students think I'm mad at them when I'm not. I have an overbite, so I sometimes end up with a trout smile, and wrinkles are forming in weird places. I also have yellow plastic covering my front teeth 'cos I busted them as a child, and a busted nose on which I had two operations done in my early 20s. Too bad someone whacked it soon after, so it's crooked again, although not so bad.

Oh, and the prettier sister. Join the club. It irks me when a pretty popular person says something and people laugh, but when you do, they scowl and scold you. I have nothing to do with such people afterwards, and my few (but close, decades-old) friendships are deep and rewarding. I'm grateful I never wanted a man in my life. I have been called attractive or pretty once in a blue moon, but am never sure if the person is being truthful. The top part of my face is OK, but the bottom half? Sigh.

Does the chloasma hurt? It sounds painful.

I hope God will soon vindicate you; you sound like a lovely person. Sketch nature person you are not.

When, or if, someone says that I'm handsome, I either don't believe them or think they're angling for something. Sometimes people smirk when they see me, or at least I think they're smirking at me. I'm wondering if I have some kind of weird expression on my face. :/

I am really ugly too. Well, I know that the pics in my profile look nice, but they are exceptions. Truth is I look differently in every photo, and in real life, I am nowhere as pretty as my best pics.<br />
I am not actually technically ugly, but I look very serious and mature for my age, so guys and girls usually treat me like an old maid/nun.<br />
Or because I have a solid physical build, they assume I can be treated "rough". I am only 5'2, but I have wide hips/broad shoulders and a big head, and I am overweight.<br />
It has actually happened to me that I feel for a guy and while I was secretely admiring him, he suddenly turned towards me, took one short look at me, then turned his head in disgust.<br />
That look he gave me was more hurtful than a thousand nasty words.


I understand, I hate looking at my face in the mirror, and taking pictures with my friends. I know how you feel, but there is something special about everyone, you have something to offer even if no one can see it at first . Hang in there.

I feel the exact same way.

Awww :( Looking at your pic here, you look like Cinderella. :) And that's AFTER the fairy godmother put the spell on her.

I feel this way too, my mom and best friend think i look cute...not me at all

common guys u_u i just passed read all those stories and can tell you it must change don't be like sissies crying this will resolve anything you're men and men fight go to the gym take risks (not dangerous risks XD you can really die ) believe me you'll be more sexy than machete!!!!!! be what you like to be! i know this is harch but believe me a hairy *** ohh yeah that's what a bimbo is looking for!!!!! just unleach the ******* testosterone !!

hey buddy,dont feel 2 down on urself,how old r u?i bet their will be time and u will sonn feel happy about urself and hey,I also feel so ugly because people in school say im ugly and I look in the mirror and I see a beautiful girl before me but what I dont get is why are they saying such a thing? They probably say that because I am really quiet and never had sex and have never done drugs,they are mad because im something they cant get,and plenty of ppl have told me that before in other words dont give up man,ok if u ever need anyhting else talk 2 me ok

I understand you.... I feel the same way.<br />
<br />
This is me too :'(

i know what you feel