Life Has Been a Constant Battle....

As a child i was such a cute kid.... then i turned ten and i gained teeth went wrong and i was clearly very average if not to say ugly, until at 16 i lost it all trough anorexia... although now im fine, i wore braces too so my teeth are fixed and i am in good shape, i still find myself very ugly these days, even though anyone would tell me that i am not. My skin is an unbelievable and constant frustration because i have redness and mild acnee , my right eye is uglier than the left one because the eyelid is not as well defined, especially when i am tired, even though everyone tells me its like that for many people... i hate the shape of my head, and when my hair are wet i look hideous.... i cant stand looking at myself under big neons... and cant look people in the eyes when i talk to them under white and clear lights. i feel like im so ugly that i cant even socialise without fearing what they would think... i constantly hide and throw away my friends because of my low self esteem.... i had genioplasty and all, but i still cant love myself....and im frustrated by the situation..i feel so unwanted...and i thought it would get better with time...yet im now 20 and nothing has changed


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I just wanna say... Try not to feel bad please. I feel the same way about myself so i cant say much to help you :( but just... Live with it i guess.. Do stuff or be around people that make you smile. That helps sometimes

your over thinking about stuff, your not much different to anyone else. Just that your mind is a lieing to you. At some time in your life hopefully sooner than later, <br />
<br />
you will probably come to a point where your going to have to accept yourself for who you are. Be happy with it and you will be more confident and thats more attractive than looks.

im not ugly for most people but i feel ugly.... and i just cant move on....

Dude, you're not ugly. Trust me if you were I'd tell you. I can safely say I'm uglier than you, but I just got over it and moved on. Places to see and people to do...