Love My Babies,,,, H8 Wat They Done To Me.

i have never really been happy with the way i look and used to be big when i was young. i finally reached a size i was happier with just befor i met my husbad. We had a beautiful daughter (now 3) and i have had very little confidence in my body ever since. I had our second child 5 months ago and now am really unhappy. All i want to do is wear baggy clothes and hide away?!? but i am only 24 so still wish i could wear fashionable nice clothes. My husband is great and tells me i look good all the time, but its got to a point i dont even like being naked in front of him nemore. I think it will put him off. I no it wont but i cant help it. ANyone else feel like this?

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You're probably fine! Just be you, don't hate on yourself over something that's difficult to control!

What is it really that you don't like about your body? too much weight, some sagging..?<br />
I have been married to my wife for 17 years, her body has changed tremendously as we have 3 children, as much as I loved the way she looked the, I love her body now.<br />
The extra pounds have given her curves, her breasts have gained at least 3 cups sizes, her belly is no longer flat and she has strech marks...but I love every square inch of her skin. I am turned on when I see her naked, like your husband I regularly tell her how beautiful she is and like you she struggles to believe me...but a mature wife's body is beautiful<br />
We have become to infulenced by TV standards of beauty, but ideal women are not necessarly big boobed, skinny *** 20 year olds. See how renaissance painters chose their nude female models, they were middle age plumers...believe your husband...he is probably correct in saying that you are beautiful.

like you i was big when i was a kid lost alot of weight but then ended up with bulimia ive had twins hu are now nearly 3 and through sensible dieting im thinnest ive eva bin but it dunt seem to matter now my boobs are disgusting ive got an awful pouch of skin on my belly tht through no amount of sit ups is going to shift. my partner is the same but we thers a possibility we are reachin a point wer we cud split up amicably and this terrifies me coz hu is guna want me with a body like tht.i love my little girls more than anything and im only 22 still but i already hate my body wen i shud be most happiest quite sad really coz thers nowt i can do

You are a stunner.

You look fine!

Dear, your pics look great. Don't beat yourself up.

absolutely nothing wrong with you , enjoy what you have , while you can

I think you should leave this group, from what I have seen and thats most of it you are beautiful. I don't think there is any such thing as an ugly woman, everyone is beautiful in there own way, if I could, I would get everyone happy enough to love themselves for who they are.

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lady love your body has hidden places that anyone with eyes and hands and a mouth would love to explore you must know that everyone is a new and exciting wonderland i never never never tire of the ones i have i love them and it seems like i find something new everytime and if you want plastic work done try dr daniel golshini he is amazing i know him personally and he has mommy make over packages for 5k he gives you tummy tuck lipo breast implants and butt lift and fill so know that as well <br />
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im 26 with 2 last i put on 3 stone with.b4 i was a size 8 and every1 told me i should b a model etc...but u no wot u dont have 2 b stick thin 2 look good...jus try and eat heathly and do wot i do..walk everywhere with that buggy!im a size 12 now so it is do'able..jus pick a goal and focus on it and start wearin clothes that r nice and suit ur shape coz wearin big baggy clothes will not only make u look worse they will make u feel crappy 2..get that confidence