Im a guy I know how you feel i have 6 sibling 3 older 3 younger and some how I ended up the only fat one the only ugly one the large one. All the other can eat what ever they want when they want and they are just naturally fit so you can imagine that as I try to lose weight its difficult watching them enjoy. Then I think even if i lose weight im still hideous. Its really hard watching my younger brothers have girlfriends over and im still a virgine and they aren't. They are 8 years younger so it is really pathetic I am pathetic. Honestly how I got managed to fall out of the fat ugly tree hit every fay ugly branch and land on a fat ugly seed is beyond me. Im 24 and I barely leave the house and I have NO friends I have no face book and I never take pictures everyone else always posing and posting and texting I don't even have a cell phone because there is no one to call. Also im the gay one and I hate it not a choice if it is i guess i chose to be fat and ugly as well.

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hai, you're a fool if you don't find friends even not by web. Bring it on!

What is pathetic is your 8 years younger siblings, 14???, not being virgins....<br />
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You will find friends on FaceBook. Join groups that interest you. Post your ideas, thoughts, etc. Friends will come.