Couldn't Make It To My Grandads Funeral

When my parents got married, almost 16 years ago, they were planning on moving to the U.S, though at the time it was a little harder so they waited a few years and then immigrated to America.
My Moms parents had just recently moved to America, about 3 years before my parents did. When I was 2, we went to Japan (where my Dad is from) to visit my other grandparents (Dads parents) and while we were there my Moms Father fell ill and soon past away.  We had to cut our visit short so we could make it to his funeral. But when we were at the airport, they said there was a problem with the papers my parents had signed when they first moved to the U.S, and therefor, somehow, there was also a problem with the passports. We wern't allowed to go back until the papers had been re-signed and finalized which could have taken up to 2 months, longer if they didn''t have passports. My Mom was heartbroken, she was begging them to let her go back because she wanted to be at her fathers funeral, but they wouldn't let her, they didn't even seem to care. My parents were horrified that these people didn't seem to care one bit.  We never got back in time and we missed my Grandads funeral.

The problem they found with the papers my parents signed, wasn't even my parents fault.  It was who ever finalizes the papers fault if they had been more careful, there would have been no problems. Plus, since there was a problem, it turned out that we wern't official citizens and my parents were given the choice to either properly finalize the papers to become citizens, or finalize it so we could stay long enough to stay in the country to get our stuff and leave..

My parents chose to finalize it just enough to say goodbye to everyone and sell our house. Which took a little under 4 months. 
Less than a year later, we moved to Australia, and after a year we had the full papers signed and finalized to become Australian citizens.
That was 13 years ago now. My grandma still lives in the U.S and we visit every now and then, but my parents are really paranoid now since then.

MikaPikaSalinas MikaPikaSalinas
13-15, F
Aug 6, 2010