I sometimes even know a word in English faster than in my native language. Then, when I want to say something I have little problems.

That's because I spend so much time here for sure :)

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I think in a lot of different languages lol, sometimes if I'm lucky I can actually put together a sentence without a word from this one or that one, I think it's great that people know different languages :D

that's really cool. I think in English (because it is my native language), but one time I was in Montreal with one of my friends- she was practicing her French and talking to people in it, and eventually started thinking in French too.

look it up in the dictionary, dearest :P

to je co?

zo slovnikaaa :DDDDD

To odkial si vyhrabala take slovicko, ze sme sa kedysi aj ucili, ages ago.....

I can't remember. Maybe I have, but I don't distinguish what languages are spoken in dreams :D

Once I dreamt in English, it was weird. Do you?

Slovak :D<br />
And thanks :D

What's your native language?<br />
<br />
BTW, I love the "puss-in-boots" icon pic!