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I hope to be invited to one really soon.  See my best friend in the whole world may just get married some day.  When he does I hope to be invited and I promise to hold my tongue when they ask if there is anyone that can see just cause for the couple not to be married.  (I promise not to say because I want to kick her down the stairs. LOL only he will get that joke.)  I loved the pictures from his sister's wedding and he was looking particularly sexy in his Indian attire.

The only Indian wedding I have attended in person was a grand wedding with probably 1,000 people in attendance.  I loved how the groom came in with all his family surrounding him.  It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. 


Yes, I hope a certain person invites me to his wedding.  I know it will be beautiful.

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Siddha is kind of right. The hymns are only understood by few. But they are so beautiful and poetic. <br />
Everything means so much more when your vows are heartfelt and understood instead of rehearsed and recited.

If he never gets married then i am certain he will never invite me, but I do know I will go if invited. i might even take a special escort.

One of my best friends is Sikh, he just came back from India after attending the wedding of an old friend.<br />
The pictures are amazing, and because they all live in the UK but got married in India, the wedding was very intimate. Perhaps 50 happy well wishers. <br />
They of course had a ceremony in the UK too, but not like the one they had in India.

Good to hear that you enjoyed it:)<br />
Been to any weddings in India?

Yeah it was in canada - he explained what it meant. Everyone had to be silent through the main ceremony and sittiing down. It only took a few hrs for the actual ceremony. It was better than any wedding i'v been to in england!

You were explained why you do what you do!?<br />
And how long did that take?<br />
And yeah i was talkin about hindu weddings:)

Is it a Hindu or Sikh wedding? There's a big difference in the two. i'v been to many Hindu weddings in my time (due to being a Hindu). The best weddings are when your close to the wedding party but not too close. Too close and you'l just be organising. Too far and it turns into gossip central with no-one but the close party concentrating on the actual wedding.<br />
<br />
Not many people know the reason why every action in the ceremony is done. I personally don't. The best wedding was my cousin's just because the priest explained in english why you do what you do.<br />
<br />
I'm from the UK and weddings vary based on caste and location.

of course they mean something! is just that we dont know what it means:)<br />
all i can say is that you are being made to do lots of things and you dont know what you are doing exactly!<br />
and its noisy...sheesh!why am i stressing on the not-so-beautiful-things!?<br />
okay, there is certainly one good thing about them! the hospitality. no matter how many ppl are invited, they are all usually welcomed by the family.<br />
<br />
It was my cousins wedding last month. It was at our village and my grandpa was like the head of it(heard od "sarpanch"?). So our family knows everone in and around the wedding. So according to my grandmum, "everyone" had to be invited. Like "everyone" including the farmers! Can you imagine the mess when it came to food?!<br />
One day i can never forget. We stoof at the entrance welcoming everyone politely(i dont know anyone there!).

LOL Sidd... I thought they were beautiful but I truly thought they had some kind of meaning. So they are just to tire you out so you don't feel like starting your honeymoon early?<br />
<br />
Oh yeah! he is even on EP with me so I get to spend lots of good quality fun time with him Willow.

Honestly, they are not as beautiful as they seem!<br />
All the rituals that the bride and groom are made to do are so hideous! We dont understand the hymns that are being recited by the priests at all (which is the core part of an indian wedding!).<br />
So, when you look back at the day of your wedding, all you remember is how tired you were(cuz the wedding actually is a four day hardcore ritual) and how blurred it is.

I believe the same thing! I hope you get to go to your friend's wedding. It's such a special time. I have Indian friends, but they most of the time get married overseas, and Ive never been able to go. I hope though perhaps one day :).<br />
It's nice that you have such a good friend!

It's a celebration you will NEVER forget. If I am invited I will sell my blood if I have to in order to get there. He means everything in the world to me. He is my one and only true family member. Of course we chose each other so his blood doesn't run through my veins but I would shed mine for him any day. I love my Silver and he knows it.

well i hope you get to go so you can tell us about it. ive never been to one!