Autism: Is This Another Clutch?

I have some knowledge on the subject. My wife and mother are both Special Education teachers, and I feel that people are self diagnosing their children with this disability as a clutch for their child to go through this tough world with a pass. They may have a disability, but have you ever sat down with an autistic child? My prime example would be the kid on "Touch". If your child has that kind of distance from you, then I would except your diagnosis. To demand that your child has this disability and take away the help that another child who maybe autistic is immoral, selfish and evil! There are some teachers who abuse this too, just because the student has disciplinary problem, and is disrupting their classroom! This is another subject I would like to debate on. We need to stop this epidemic on self diagnosing your child and step up and help teach your child discipline and control instead of giving him/her the easy ride, which in the end will only cause damage to your child!
jgrimes1962 jgrimes1962
46-50, M
May 22, 2012