A Little Experiment About Ep And Trolling

Hello all,

    As usual, there is an influx of religious fanatics in non-religious groups. We all know what they are here for, and that is trolling. The bigger problem is the lack of action of EP to help the community deal with the perpetrators. There have been many attempts to get EP to act against clear violations of their rules and guidelines with previous trolls, but apparently they failed. 

    This case may end up like the other ones, however, I think it is important for us to be able to quantify our efforts when dealing with trolls. This will allow us to present a stronger case to EP when we contact them directly.

Why do I post this here

    As many already know, in this group we currently have an active troll that has been posting religious and off topic "stories." I will move this thread is requested.

Relevant EP rules and guidelines

     Below are the Rules and Guidelines trolls usually break. This time around is no different.
1.- Have Fun: This is a fun, positive, supportive place, where you can express your true self. The intent of our community is to be positive and helpful to all our members, and we want everyone here to be enjoying themselves and helping us build a better community. If you are not having fun and behaving in a positive manner, or enjoying your time on the site, your account may be terminated without notice. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, harassing or mistreating the moderators, purposefully reposting duplicate or substantially similar content, demeaning the community or other members, attempting to deceive the moderators, and other similar unproductive behaviors.
3.- No Solicitations: Political campaigning, religious preaching, and commercial advertisements in any site content, including private messages, is not allowed.
10.- No Hate: Content against another member or group of people (ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed.
   These guidelines may be  found here: http://www.experienceproject.com/abbreviated_terms.php.
EP and enforcement of Rules and Guidelines

    In the same document, the following is stated:
14.- Self-Policing: The community is self-policing, and you can flag any piece of content, or any member for review. Experience Project staff is not able to actively examine content unless it is brought to our attention using the flagging mechanisms
   And the action to be taken against perpetrators: 

"Members Violating Any of the Above Can and Will be Removed from the Site without notice."

   There is no mention of what happens after a story or member is flagged. It is also not mentioned how many flags are needed for EP to do something, if ever.

What I propose:

    Some of us have flagged some of the infringing posts and posted in that thread the reason for it in order to encourage others to do the same. But our good troll have taken steps to delete them asap.

    Here is what I think we should do:

   1.- Don't feed the troll

   2.- Flag the infringing content and post here what story and the reason for flagging it. This will help us quantify the number of flags and if EP does not take action I will take further steps to bring it to EP's attention. 

      Below are some examples of infringing "stories."

             http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Think-Indoctrinating-Children-With-Religion-Is-Child-Abuse/1971959  This is way off topic. Not to mention the author is a well known troll trying to tell us something.

             http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Think-Indoctrinating-Children-With-Religion-Is-Child-Abuse/1915529 Not only off topic, but our troll is trying to make a case for his "god" and his religion.

             http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Think-Indoctrinating-Children-With-Religion-Is-Child-Abuse/1913828 More of the same.

Start flagging! 

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2 Responses Jan 8, 2012

"How can one infringe on an open and public forum"<br />
<br />
Adding to what MG and Ts have stated. This is not an "open forum," WilliamC. This is a Membership group. EP allows everyone to create groups where like minded people can post their stories and have a support group. EP asks you to be yourself, to honestly join the groups you agree with and to follow the community's guidelines. <br />
<br />
If you want to debate us, or share your point of view. You are welcome to create a group called "I Do Not Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse," or "I Like Preaching," or "I want To Debate Non-Religious People."

perfect, well said

Excellent, so now, please go ahead and delete the off topic and religious "stories." Since you "Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse," please post a story that tells everyone why you think that chidren should be raised without religion. If you don't do so, we will all think that you are not being yourself (a hypocrite?) as EP asks you to be, which is a violation of EP's rules and guidelines.

Right on, braddah. Aloha!

I see that some of those are definitely posted in the wrong groups... But they are religious groups... so not TOTALLY off topic eh? Plus, you say troll? He has obviously p;ssed you off somehow because as far as I can read he is merely expressing his point of view. Which is surely the point of the experience project. Just because you dont agree, does not make him a troll. Show me where he is harassing and bothering others.... If he is..... <br />
See.... A lot of people are sheep... They dont question.... and they would go along with your story just because you had forcefully voiced your opinion in a coherent manner.... <br />
Isnt it against the EP terms of service to post stories, derogatory stories, about another member? I seem to remember DRAMA is not encouraged. What is this post if not DRAMA?

Oh...and to top it off.... YOUR story is off topic!!!!! Sheesh!

I second MG's comments. But I would like to add that this is not a religious group, if anything it is an anti-religious group in nature. Moreover, I we all followed your logic, people would be posting bible verses in the Muslim groups, because they are all religious. A troll is a troll.