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A Lesson For My Children

At the moment, my three children are in school. I rarely pick out things on the Internet to prove a point but I believe what is going on in this group will serve as a great lesson in how not to act in public (either IRL or online in a public forum).

One thing I clearly recall having hammered into my head when I was young and theist was that it was my *duty* to go forth and "spread the Word". The very core of my life was to ensure I told everyone I knew or had met all about the "glory of God". It never occurred to me at that young age that this was the very definition of harassment. Nor did it occur to me (and most of my theistic comrades) that there was a time and place for such things. Recalling as an adult, I now realize how exceedingly inappropriately I had acted.

Without naming names (but let's face it, we're not stupid here), it seems one individual has taken it upon themselves to not join in healthy debate but rather make multiple attempts at proselytizing. This person has gone way beyond the boundaries of what should be considered 'net etiquette. They've taken a good experience subject and turned into a major troll-fest.

So, this afternoon when my children are home, I'm going to show them how some theists act exceedingly inappropriately online (and I can only assume this person is the same way IRL). And then I'm going to ask them how they would feel had their lives been force-fed religious doctrine such as has been seen on this subject lately.
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I have shown this to my son to read as well. (now bare in mind I did not tell him what my ep name is , i wanted him to see it ob<x>jectivly) My son is leaning towad atheism and I felt this was a good group to show him so he could get a feel for what an atheist is. <br />
<br />
if nothing else somethings can only serve as an example of how NOT to be. <br />
<br />
My son did not have a very high opinion of our troll BTW. let us know what your kids think. :)

let me clarify : how not to be referring to our troll.

aah, from the mouths of babes

Thank you Renee I agree 100%. Do keep us posted.<br />
<br />
I am sure you will include the concept of freedom of religion and speech, not to mention conscience. <br />
Perhaps too mention the history of this group selecting a category of " Experience Project » Experience Groups » Culture and Religion » Religion and Spirituality » I Think Indoctrinating Children ...."instead of the other various categories where this would be better suited. Like the abuse category, or the other category and community. <br />
<br />
You always bring composure and grace to this group, thank you.

what do you agree with Billy?

will you can not agree AND disagree at the same time about the same thing. the abuse is caused BY religion so the group is EXACTLY where it belongs.

if you don't like the group you don't have to read it OR respond to the stories. and if you Understood what the group is about that you would not object to the placement.

Thank you for your opinion.

Oh and thank you for your co-adoption contribution we make a good team

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