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Have You Seen It In Action?...............Sorry wrong group again.

When reading members profiles, i'm surprised to see how many people declare themselves to be Anarchist's in the politics section.
I find myself wondering how many of these members who declare themselves to be Anarchist's have ever seen political/social Anarchy in action.
Last summer we here in the UK. got to see it at it's most virulent, vicious, selfish, violent and frightening.
For a whole week Many parts of London were total no go zones for law abiding citizens,
Gangs of youths, adults and even children ran riot through the streets. Shop windows were smashed and the shops looted, many were set on fire, Members of the public threw Molotov cocktails at the police, residents who were not involved were terrorised, those who were known to the Anarchist rioters stood by watching in amused fascination. 
The rioting spread from London to several other city's in England. Law abiding people were trapped in burning buildings, caught between the flames behind them and the Anarchists below.
In one incident a group of Asian youths standing on the pavement were deliberately run down by another group in a car. One of them was killed.
So furious and so violent were the anarchist rioters that the police were helpless to stop them.
It was destructive, violent, greedy, terrifyingly scary for many, extremely dangerous, and in one case fatal.
I don't know if the pictures were broadcast on any American TV stations, but I wonder if, having seen these horrific scenes of public disorder/Anarchy, would so many people here on EP. align themselves with these Anarchists as a political preference.
I would like to think not. 
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 11 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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I did see some news footage, how horrible and how tragic. I remember race riots ....chaos, fear, rage and pure evil in the streets.

It was to say the least, very disturbing.

Hey ! Don't forget the Occupy Wall Street people in the U.S. They collectively have no agenda except to be disruptive. What they seem to want is more government handouts. They're not complaining about the depression and lack of jobs. They don't want to work. The UK also has the Musslim problem that hasn't really affected the U.S. yet but will, eventually.

I am sorry for all of you in the UK for the riots. It was a major news story here in the US. Very sad about good people losing so much to senseless (and selfish) rioters. I worry we could get that here.

I'm am sorry for all of you in the UK for the rioting. It was a big news story in the US. I was a business student and now that I'm working in business I can see how just about anyone can participate and be successful. If you are convinced that it's a conspiracy among politicians and the wealthy, and thus don't try, you just handicap yourself. And then you become susceptable to disillusionment. My advice is to not make our free market political. Western capitalism has improved lives and living standards and we should be very careful not to tear it down. It's OK to debate how many services government should provide, but we should not be tempted to replace our reasonably regulated free market capitalism with an inferior system in the name of politics. (Whew, reads like a term paper.

I'm changing my EP profile from Anarchist to Very Liberal, even if only out of respect for anyone killed or injured by such terrible unrest. I know my thinking was that in U.S. 'anarchy' we the people would:<br />
A) all be cool to each other,<br />
B) have a specific, know 'enemy' that would have been proven beyond doubt to be clearly bad news for all good people,<br />
C) ensure that there is no collateral death/injury to all peoples not part of the enemy and no personal property would be damaged except that owned by the greedy, evil enemy of the good people.<br />
<br />
Ya see, we tend to be a bit of starry-eyed dreamers here in the Western colony.

I love it when threads turn into exchanges like this. We all learn so much through each others thoughts and words. AWESOME comments guys!!

Anarchy does not work and uncontroled Capitalism does not work either. The best Government is Capitalism comtroled from excesses in a Democratic Government. The United States has none of those. The United States has become a Faciest Government.(A unighting of Government and Big Business.)

The riots kicked off after the death of Mark Duggan. <br />
<br />
In Birmingham it was a group of youths who were trying to stop rioters from burning their family businesses were mowed down but there were 3 fatalities (2 of which were brothers). Their dad then spoke out to their community and pleading that no one retaliate. That man in mourning saved a lot more lives with his actions and words. <br />
Also a pensioner was killed by a 17 year old when he was trying to extinguish a fire lit near his home. There was also numerous muggings, beatings and a lot of people had their homes and businesses burned to the ground.<br />
<br />
The riots were lead by people who have lost all respect for each other and this country. Some have simply fallen through the cracks, some have lost hope and the government still continues to tie everyone's hands. Police weren't allowed to use water canons, teachers aren't allowed to give bad reports and parents aren't allowed to smack their children. Youths have no hope and coupled with no discipline are simply running amok. This was a wake up call for the government and what did they do about it??? F*** ALL. <br />
<br />
But just like we have bad people in our society, we also have the good ones. The ones that woke early and banded together in high streets with brooms and bin bags and began clearing away the debris and broken glass and reclaiming the cities for those that deserve to walk our streets.

Thanks for your comments, and for filling in a few important facts.
This was a spur of the moment post which I didn't research, and my memory isn't all that great.

I knew a lot of people effected by the riots. The Birmingham incident was covered extensively on our local news as i'm from the east midlands. Our town has also seen businesses forced to board up and close when the EDL's protest march came through. They cause so much unnecessary destruction.

Bleed, I'm sooo sorry you went thru this.... :(

I wasn't effected personally as we live on the outskirts of the city. We just avoided the centre till the rioters had been disbanded. But we all ended up footing the bill to repair the damage .

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Ahhhh... I started a story like this with my old profile.... dammit!<br />
<br />
Nothing better than organized anarchy.<br />
<br />
But seriously, when folks declare they are anarchists, what I've discovered is that they are really anti-establishment. People feel helpless because of the machine. Some say it's capitalism. I do not. I am 100% in favor of capitalism.<br />
<br />
I am not in favor of white collar thievery. Around the turn of the century, the power brokers in the US, the UK and a number of European nations all decided on the value of income tax as a way of preventing a lower class uprising. In effect, the new royalty are those with money.<br />
<br />
The nouveau riche from the 60s, 70s and 80s don't get it. They scuttled pension plans, invented creative and dangerous investment types, and basically destroyed the ability for the average joe to contribute to a capitalist economy.

Some folks like to use gory stuff to sort of glorify themselves or try and make folks belief they are tough. I see a lot of it around. I bet the folks who were struggling to survive or lost loved ones in the middle of that could tell some stories to change a few minds about anarchy.... :(

Ari, I did hear about it and see some footage on the news but what you described sounds terrifying.....<br />
I think some say they are anarchists just to try and be cool. Some others probably have different reasons.... but anything that creates what you describe I want no part of. I don't love politics as they stand now in the US and our economy is a complete mess but that is wayyyyy worse.

I agree sie. I don't think they really consider what can hwppen when Anarchy breaks out.
I honestly don't believe that my description, described half, of how horrible it was.