I Was Raised By Religious Semi-nuts.

My father was an Evangelical Baptist Preacher. He could never land permanent work as the pastor of a church because of his sordid past. The Southern Baptists do not like to have preachers who have been divorced, and my father was twice divorced before he found my naive mother, the only woman on the planet foolish enough to tolerate his cruel and abusive nature.

As a very young child, I was a follower of their faith. They had me terrified, guilty, and convinced. They were horrible racists, and indoctrinated me to hate anyone who wasn't straight, white, and Christian.

As my teen years approached, I did begin to see that this was all wrong. I began experimenting with other religions throughout high school, and eventually came to the realization that our world is made of science, not magic, and that no one deserves to be hated just for being what they are.

Except maybe my parents...
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Let me second that and congratulate you on your ability to apply reason to your life over the fairy tales and mythology fed to you in your youth