Faith Must Be Felt, Not Forced!

This is what I tell my children often. I do not force them to attend church or practice any organized religion. I do ask that they learn about religion because I need for them to have as much information as possible because, to me, one cannot make a decision without being well informed - and I stress that they do not have to join a denomination or declare themselves anything!

My children have attended everything from synogogues, baptist services, muslim mosques to catholic masses. We sit down afterwards and talk about what they liked and what they didn't like. We talk about living one's life respectfully, productively, and kindly does not have to be written down, it's felt in the heart.

A saying my dad told me when I asked him about religion - "Religion is nothing more than guilt with different holidays"
Orkaprol Orkaprol
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

Love your Dad's saying!!!

I like the quote, the way I see it is that people just say they believe to look good but do not really do anything out of that faith...that is why they feel guilty...they are really on a permanent vacation when it comes to living their faith out...when it is all for the show...just going to church to look good for society and nothing much more...

I really hope your children appreciate what you're doing :) Being raised Catholic and realizing that you're Wiccan isn't easy. That is how I want to raise my children, to choose their own faith because religion must be felt and not forced like it was upon me.