Incoluating Children Against Religious Nutcases

Might I offer an interesting ponder?

God and the Universe are inseparable. This is the All-Nothing which is always the same-never the same and indistinguishable.

When one descends to the level of manifestation of god. Then we have God-Goddess and Devil-Demoness.

I will hold that the Bible is indeed written by the Devil and while it possesses many of the truths of the God Goddess, its intent is to harm and confuse.

Point one: There is a Father with no mother
2 There are thousands of sexual prohibitions
3 There are things like God sanctioned gang bangs (see Lot)
4 God sanctioned ****** (see Lot again)
5 Slaughtering of children for being playfully rude
6 god approved selling of daughters into slavery
Christ talks about love and that he brings Love, but the church turns this into Non-sexual love

Christ's marriage at Canna is told but the fact it was his marriage is obscured, but talk to any Jew about Mother Mary's knowledge that the party was running out of wine, and this is clear evidence that SHE was the hostess.
I will add Paul's statement, "He loved her more than us, and frequently kissed her on the mouth."
Not something casually done by rabbis now or then.
Additionally, Rabbis are all married.

The CHURCH demands blind faith.The church tells you only they speak to god, or decide who has spoken to god.

And while they preach one thing they support another.They use fear as one of their great tools.

They sell a totally non-sexual spiritual world.Talk of 'higher and lower' spirituality, while shuffling ********* priests here and there to get fresh children to have sex with.

They have clear definition of marriage and a man's responsibilities to society, wife and children, but....
then elevate a Rapturist who Abandoned job, wife and children to wander in desert for 40 years.
Apparently it is saintly to abandon your wife and children.

Look at this elegant intricate universe and you think enlightenment takes wandering in the desert for 40 years?
If "God" created man and woman in his own image (hence there is a God-Goddess), then one must only look at two things both in the female to see we were designed to be sexual.

First: Breasts, no other mammal has breasts all the time in the female. This does not have anything to do with their function as mammary glands to feed infants. In humans breasts are more sexual and men are sexually stimulated by breasts.

Second: hidden estrus and ability to have sex on command. Only two animals on the planet share this. Humans and our closest genetic match the Bonobo Chimpanzee.
All one needs to do is see the Bonobos in the wild, who btw do not war and share sex all the time, to see how humans SHOULD act.

However, our religions are designed to divide us, to separate us from others because
THEY worship the WRONG God,
and we are told in so many words to Fix them by converting, or killing or a mixture of those two; the Inquisition was a very 'spiritually enlightened' period in church history.

Notice in general all other religions do a similar thing.

Finally, a clue to the God-Goddess mind can be seen in the Story of Adam and Eve.

Do NOT eat of the Fruit of the Tree of the KNOWLEDGE of Good & Evil.

Before they eat of this fruit Adam and Eve are naked and happy in the garden.
After they eat they are Ashamed of their nakedness, cover themselves and hid from God, who KICKS them out of the garden.
Clearly, God likes us naked and god is pissed we are ashamed of our nakedness and sexuality.

The church encourages us to feel ashamed.

Think of how many times some Bible thumper screamed out about Sin and the Devil. It is the focus of their talks.

And Only Jesus AS THEY decide who Jesus is can save you scum-filled, pus-bag, rotten to the core, sinful ones who think about Sex and fornication.

These are devil worshipers wearing the disguise of holy men-wolves in sheep's clothing (I mean no disrespect to wolves here just using a metaphor)

Given that we are designed or better still Divinely Created to be Sexual Beings in God-Goddess image it is far more likely the True Rapture is the sexual ******.

Given women can take men 3 at a time and capable of dozens upon dozens of ******* in a single session, they are likely "more spiritual" than we men.... but we men have a duty to assist them in their spiritual enlightenment whenever and as often as we can.

thus endeth this part of the sermon.
dragonofjapan dragonofjapan
56-60, M
Sep 22, 2012