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Start Them Young

I have no words.
This is beyond sad :-(
underconstruction underconstruction 41-45, F 5 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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This is a frightening example of deranged religious youth. A repeat of the holocaust is not a far-fetched future. The problem with these mentally ill people is that they are obsessed with obtaining power, and so they always clamor for positions of authority, and before you know it, a mass movement is underway for war and extermination of others who refuse to be converted.

Yes, Earthling that´s what I thought. I imagined after he finished shooting the video he went out and burned some crosses in the name of the Lord.
And you are absolutely right, it´s way worse, boys and girls, no education, no exception.
So disturbing, and so very sad.

Little lazy Nazi will grow into a fully-fledged fascist. I must say Christian nuts are more egalitarian than Talibans, it's no education for everyone, not just little girls.

Yeps , to be that stupid it really requires a group effort.

Hell Yes, peza, lung cancer and cirrhosis are nothing compared to Education.
It is way worse. It is a disease , it is contagious , it should be banned.
Damn educated liberals should be sent to a leprosy camp !!

kin ell !.......... "education is worse than drink or drugs".......really ??