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Start Them Young

I have no words.
This is beyond sad :-(
underconstruction underconstruction 41-45, F 4 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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Yes, Earthling that´s what I thought. I imagined after he finished shooting the video he went out and burned some crosses in the name of the Lord.
And you are absolutely right, it´s way worse, boys and girls, no education, no exception.
So disturbing, and so very sad.

Little lazy Nazi will grow into a fully-fledged fascist. I must say Christian nuts are more egalitarian than Talibans, it's no education for everyone, not just little girls.

Yeps , to be that stupid it really requires a group effort.

Hell Yes, peza, lung cancer and cirrhosis are nothing compared to Education.
It is way worse. It is a disease , it is contagious , it should be banned.
Damn educated liberals should be sent to a leprosy camp !!

kin ell !.......... "education is worse than drink or drugs".......really ??