Completely Agree!

my mil is constantly hounding me to get my child christened and to teach my child about god.. at the end of the day i am not going to pressure my child into anything she doesnt want to do.. if she wants to learn about god she can if she wants to go to church she can and if she would like to be christened then she can but i am not going to push her into something that she may not want for herself in the future.. im not religious so it isnt important to me..everyone has the rights to how they live their life and i am certainly not going to push my child to learn a religion she may not want to learn

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You don't need to believe in the unbelievable in order to live by the Golden Rule. Cut out the middle man.

It's great there is a blog like this and i didnt know many other people felt the same way as me... funny story too i told my MIL to basically get fu**ed yesterday long story i have posted the story a few weeks ago.. but feeling relieved and kinda sad because no doubt it will cause problems with me and my partner later on.. but thanks for the comments guys =) and completly agree with you whuttup12 i definitly want my daughter to be able to make mistakes and learn from them and be able to talk to me openly about them and not think they are sinful and shes going to hell because of it

Do what you know to be right. They are YOUR children, not your MIL's, so you must defend them

It most certainly is child abuse, for indoctrinating children to believe in these myths shapes their entire worldview. They learn to view the world in terms of "sin" and "evil". They grow up thinking that perfectly natural desires are "sinful" and learn what not to do through shame and fear. If a child is unfortunate enough to be homosexual and religious, they are in for a lifetime of repression, denial, shame, and guilt that can only be characterized as traumatic.

Good for you exhausted, that's some top notch parenting in my book!

thanks BettyValentine... i definitly think it is some kind of psycological abuse... i was bought up abit free spirited.. and in schools over here you learn different religions etc when u start school i learnt all that and never pursued it further as its not for me.. i hope my child will make her own mind up when she starts learning religions when she starts school if she wants to pursue it all further great i'll support her and if she doesnt thats great too.. i hate seeing little children being forced basically into a religion they dont want to be part of as my partner was and he feels the same as me our child should be able to make her own mind up.. each to their own opinions though =)

If it's the right thing to do, KIDS WILL NOT WANT TO DO IT! DUUH

Yes they will! Duh!

I'm not religious as well, but to call teaching children about God / baptism as "child abuse" is a bit over the top, don't you think? <br />
I was wondering, do you pressure your child to clean their room, or complete assigned chores when they do not want to? If you do pressure them, is that not also included in your definition of child abuse?<br />
I'm not saying what I think you should do, it's just your choice of words that that I find as puzzling.

It's the cultural stuff that goes alongside God that is the abuse! For instance, there are even sects of Christianity that insist that drinking alcoholic beverages is a sin. I am not making this up. This despite Jesus turning water into wine etc and the fact it's a mitzvah for Jews to get tipsy on certain festive occasions. There are all kinds of appallingly wicked exhortations in religion that are anti-instinctive and corrupt, masquerading as 'moral.' Well, no thank you. I prefer to rely on my own conscience and do my own thinking