Muslims, Islam..etc

Christianty (the TRUTH, WAY AND LIGHT) is the ONLY religion that should be taught to children. Are you not supposed to lead a child the way he/she is supposed to go? 

  Now with these other wack half-assed "religions" i totally believe that that's like a form of child abuse-it'll lead them to continue the practice of this...non-sense

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religions all of them are way off what Jesus taught! I was a christian, once I discovered the history of our religion I understood that this is the reason for all that is wrong in the world! Keep exploring and believe what Jesus taught. Not the Ten Commandments or any of that man made up doctrines! <br />
<br />
Brotherhood of Jesus, children of God! We are all one family! AND RELIGION IS WRONG.

I belive every one has the right to belive and serve who they want i may not agree with them <br />
and i dont have to belive that they are all right or all wrong , i belive my way and ive been raised to go to church every time the doors open ive seen lots of abuse in churches , i dont push my beliefs on any one and its not up to me to judge . I dont belive that people in churches should teach hate of jews or christans . but i belive that so called religins not all are good some teach hate . so i am a christan but i dont attend church becalse of always being judged or told what i need to do as a christan or told iam going to helll , then i say you might be suprised whos in helll too . i have to laught becalse sometimes it feels like going to church is like going to a counrty club , people bragging on what good theyve done . so i just stay at home getting out of the judgment ,no matter what i do its never enough for the church .

One God the creator of all creatures existing.<br />
Having a personal relationship with the creator of your soul is the key.<br />
Religion is a man thing.<br />
Running down other beliefs????????

this post is very funny :)

Christiantity is the only true religion? Tell that to a Jew. Or a Buddist. Or an atheist. Or an agnostic like me. The problem with religion is that it has such a powerful influence on children that they often grow up believing in the same thing as their parents. And if they don't, the parents are blamed for not inculcating religion into their children.<br />
<br />
Freedom of religion is actually discouraged by most religions, because if they really emphasized it(and I believe they should), they would risk losing membership. Membership means $, because it takes $ to build and run a religion!

Oh, and one of my friends would like to share a comment, but unfortunately cant so he let me:<br />
<br />
"lostprophet- you should know that most Satanists are LaVeyan Satanists; that is, they are atheists who follow a philosophy that has nothing to do with Satan. They do not believe in “Satan” as a literal being or worship him in any way. Their conception of it is very different from that of most religions that have a “devil.” I’m not saying that what DollfaceDisaster said was polite, I just thought you should know. Also, I do not agree with or support Jesus or his teachings. And I was taught a religion. However, I chose not to stay with that one. You clearly chose the religion that was right for you, and I chose what was right for me. I personally can see nothing wrong with that. I am sorry if I put words in your mouth, I did not mean to. I was going on what was implied rather than directly said, and as I say I am sorry. I can take whatever it is you want to say to me…and I at least will talk to those who happen to be different from myself rather than refusing to hear another point of view and open my mind.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
theredlady- The reason Judaism and Christianity are two separate religions is NOT because Jews don’t think Jesus was the messiah. They have two different philosophies and takes on the Bible. Even if they were wrong, it’s irrelevant to both. Christians are still Christians, and Judaism actually has nothing to do with Jesus, just a relationship with God and living well in this world. Neither is right or wrong, but they’re separate for a reason, just like all the sects of Christianity."<br />
<br />
Now, while for a few bits and peices I dont agree on, I think he makes a very good point and deserves to be acknowledged in a postitive way. :)

Alrighty then.

oh, um feel free to add me. because your profile is blocked, so i can't reply to you directly.


Thank you lostprophet! I'm doing fine! <br />
I'm not quite Angelic, but thank you for being so kind! lol

Whatever223, <br />
you're so peaceful! so..gentle.. so..Angelic :)<br />
<br />
I love your comments and posts :) i'm blessed, w'out asking you, i know you're the same. are you,dear?

DollfaceDisaster, <br />
Hello there! O.K. I respect your opinion, dont get me wrong, but do you have any proof for this accusation? Also, is that really needed? You saying that about peoples' beliefs? That they are just for children? If that is indeed what you are implying, which I think it is, I would suggest you say it in a more mature manner for anyone to feel your point... <br />
<br />
And hello to you too lostprophet, how are you doing?

:)<br />
<br />
it only takes 1 step 2 repent!

Not always, if you, as per scripture, commit an unrepentant sin, your just done, do not pass go, and all that....

did you all know that more and more Jewish are beginning to realize that they missed the coming of the messiah, according to their scriptures? They just don't want to admit that the christians might have gotten it right?

<br />
do i feel the most pitty for? you, your parents? or the possibility that you'll creat little ******** who become little satanists? <br />
<br />
but wait now-if you don't believe in Jesus or the Bible, you're believing in satan? hmm.. somebody's a bit confused don't you say? <br />
been using too many drugs..yeah. <br />
<br />
who needs more growth? a person who is sharing their experience, or a lame limp loser who's coming to stir up ****? <br />
<br />
i'll let you have a smoke break, then you can return with your answer :)<br />
<br />
God bless :)

your ALL BLIND !!! Jesus is a lie, same as christ, THEY DON'T EXIST! The Bible is a fairytale made by man to control man!<br />
Grow the **** up! Do you still believe in the easter bunny and santa as well?-

Hello! Thought I'd join in! <br />
Firstly, how are you doing? I am well. <br />
So, lets dig right on into this touchy subject! Fun! <br />
I'll admit that I didnt read all of these comments, so if I repeat something someone else said, I apologize. I'll try to read up on this whole discussion at a more convienent time. <br />
I am a Catholic (dont stone me yet! jk jk) so I'd like to give you my views on this subject. <br />
<br />
I can understand that you want to educate children to be happy and to do so by going to Heaven and being with God, I couldnt agree more. I hope adults can too. <br />
<br />
Even as a child I questioned my religion. I asked my mom how we knew that the religion we followed was the right one (i was about six)... and her response was something along the lines of, "Dont you ever say that again! Of course its the right one!" <br />
...<br />
You cant shove one viewpoint on a little child, who by nature are very curious and want to learn, or else you stunt their precious growth. <br />
<br />
You teach them what you believe in your actions. Be kind. Be accepting. And be loving, if that is what your religion calls for (which mine does). You explain what you can, and dont give such one-minded answers like my mom did. (love ya mom anyways!) When children get older, they can learn about religion from parents or adults and by that time, can accept it themselves by the understanding and reasoning given to them when they were younger. <br />
<br />
Saying that they should learn one way to do something, like being happy and going to God, is not exactly the best thing you can teach a child. They should learn many different ways to approach a certain goal. It may be a bit 'risky', but what is riskier still, is teaching them to believe everything they are told without question. <br />
<br />
Experiences are good! Why do you think we all joined EP?lol <br />
<br />
And something else, I must say it is respectable how you try to defend God and his works... but the way you interpret things seems slightly... askew. For instance, what Sathanas said about Jesus. I think he ment that he interpreted Jesus as someone who forced things on you, like very opinonated people do in His Holy Name, vs those that actually were open for postive interaction in His Holy Name. Two opposites. And it wasnt in any way him being a little boy, but of his great observation of how people portray Jesus. <br />
Also, I think Jesus (my belief, dont freak) would like it if we cared for each other. "love thine enemy". So telling him you didnt really give a... for him, was an example of his keen observations, of which, you called him a degrading name. <br />
I really appreciate you bringing up a good topic for debate, and I hope you are doing well too:)

when i look at you..i'm not gonna say..well i can't talk to you-because you don't believe in what i believe in BUT i will at one point or the other explain things from my point of view! <br />
He may not be as bad as you thought-why did you think He was bad in the beginning? <br />
And what you won't do is put words in my mouth. Not once in any post did i say i hated anybody-so please get that straight. <br />
Real Jesus? I never knew there was a fake'd better do a bit more research on that one.<br />
I couldn't care less of what you think about me, i'm sure you don't know or care for me anymore than I care for you-and it's absolutely fine. What i said, i meant. And i meant every word I said. <br />
Lol, my mother did show me the way to Jesus. I see you grew up with lost pathetic souls who taught you nothing. And it's fine, idiots producing more idiots. <br />
Clearly your parent taught you ..what? Exactly. <br />
<br />
Grow up little boy.

No, i'm not who you're talking about and really don't know who you're talking about. <br />
<br />
now if you were confused about what was going on in your church, and you didn't seek guidance or do a bit of research..then..??? where does the problem affect me at? <br />
<br />
now you've shared your story that ..i guess hurt you or it's forever burned in your memory..then that's something you need to get over and not throw it up every chance you get. No, i will not tolerate something i dont believe in! so where were you going with that one?? nowhere..okay<br />
<br />
You're right..the odds are slim to none..because the person who ..."wronged" you i guess, is not me. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing!

You wouldn't happen to the youth minister who on Halloween day about four years ago said something to the effect of "Hindus are so silly! They worship cows" and expected everyone to laugh? Then you gave a speech on homosexuality as a sin, listed various others, and informed us that it is our responsibility to find the right path. If you are, I'd like you to know that I was the girl who had been dragged to that church by an actual supporter. You would have never seen me before, and I'm pretty sure you hated me. You glared at me during the sermon because I didn't understand what was going on with the whole eye-closing thing. I was baptized in the Greek Orthodox church, and we just don't do things like that there. Not only did I not understand the whole process, but when you asked for a show of hands to who thought they were not on the right path, mine went up. Then when you asked who wanted to be on the right path, I put my hand down. If intolerance is the right path, and not simply the primrose path, then let me stray as far as my feet will take me. And mocking another's beliefs, deeming the spread of it as child abuse, is certainly intolerance of the highest degree.<br />
<br />
I know the odds that it was actually you are slim to none, but it's still a story I find worth sharing.

says the loser who chooses to take time out and post a idiotic comment...and you have the sheer nerve to call somebody else a dummy

this is a disgusting post...

you all sound like a bunch of wacos to me!


thanks for your opinion

Jesus had to work with the best tools available, and St. Paul was far from perfect. He made many mistakes, but without his zeal the mission would have failed. He seems to have had bad experiences with women, as his letter to the Ephesians shows.<br />
But the simple message of love, tolerance and brotherhood does not depend on Paul. Nor even Jesus. And certainly not on the plethora of 'religiosity words' that rear their head: Sin, atonement, repentance, redemption, salvation, forgiveness, heaven, hell, purgatory, worship, religion, sacrament, ritual, covenant, church, clergy, faith, belief, bible, prayer, scripture, apostacy, temptation, messiah, Jehovah, etc.<br />
Many are bad translations, such as repentance (metanoia, literally 'thinking all around'), and salvation. The ridiculous notion that only a few are saved, the rest wasted, directly contradicts the truth of a steady progress towards perfection which is the undoubted destiny of all. Immortality implies eternity, and eternity implies success. It is little wonder that Christianity, in its present emasculated and hoary state, is rejected by so many who want to seek truth rather than just use churches as a friendly meeting club for 'nice' lonely golden mouldies.

oh, so since when was I married? You took the time to discover that i was a female, so why not that i'm single? Hmm..

You wives will submit to your husbands as you do to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of his body, the church; he gave his life to be her Savior. As the church submits to Christ, so you wives must submit to your husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5:22-24 NLT)<br />
By the way lost, did yo get your husbands permission before you wrote this?

I do not however, believe that we need religion to do these things. Humans may not be the best examples of always doing the right thing, but if they want to they will get there on there own, without the "guiding hand" of religion.<BR><BR>And I stand by the phrase "force-fed" as this is the way I've witnessed most religion being passed on from generation to generation. Teaching children religion, let alone forcing them to call it their own is child abuse. They should start out as nothing and if they feel the whimsical call of faith and your all-knowing god then they will follow it, if not they will be better off in the long run for having made the decision on their own. We should be given the oppurtunity to come across religion on our own and if it suits us, okay, if not, that's just as okay.<br />
<br />
In my opinion I do believe that people are better off without religion as I believe it is corrupt and violent, but I will never force my beliefs on another and I expect the same respect.

I believe force feeding is a strong phrase and out of context here. <br />
<br />
I feel our children do intrinsicly absorb our value system, be it Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc....and later as they make there own way in the world, they make there choices.<br />
<br />
It is important to give them something from which to make these decisions.....and I believe Muslim families do this as well.<br />
<br />
We are all here to exercise our free will to chose, and just as we chose the food our children eat....which may influence whether they become vegans in adult life, our value system is also part of their home life. I don't necessarily agree with the values of some families, but I respect their right to provide the teachings and home they believe is wholesome for their offspring


Forgive me c8lorraine, but I have a few questions. I am I correct in understanding that you believe that a child is truly abused if he hasn't been taught the "wise" ways of the bible? Are you really saying that a person can't learn to make their own choices unless they have learned about YOUR god and religion?<br />
<br />
Do you not believe that it is possible for a person to learn the necessary skills of life without being force-fed the ideals of Christianity?

Lostprophet.....there seems to be a lot of contention stirred up here, and as I understand it, that is not God's way.<br />
I am a Christian and agree it is not a religion practiced on Sundays, but a 24/7 way of life.<br />
<br />
I taught my son to be grateful for his blessings, rather than complain about petty things.....this has stood him in good standing as an adult where he makes his own choices.<br />
<br />
I believe in free agency to chose, and our children need to be taught something from which to chose. This I believe happens in all families, for whether we realise it or not, we do initially give our children our value system.<br />
<br />
I once went into a shop around Christmas time and was served by a teen working part=time. I asked for a Nativity set, she said "What's that?" My son was with me and said "Are you serious?" she was, she truly didn't know, so I explained. I felt sad because she didn't have the information from which to make her own choices.<br />
<br />
That I think is child abuse !<br />
<br />
When we teach a child to read, we give him the skills.....from there he choses WHAT he will read.<br />
<br />
My opinion, my apologies if I have offended, I believe we are ALL children of a loving God and here to learn tolerance

Hmm..and i'm the judgemental type-huh!

After this exchange with you, I'd rather talk to my 6 year old granddaughter because her thought processes are more evolved than yours, a kindergarten vs college student. hehehe I don't have to go to her for advice. I wouldn't take your advice because you're stuck on some belief and are ignorant enough to argue your point to people who don't agree with you. You're mighty arrogant to think I even wasted my time reading the rest of your stories. I couldn't care less about what you think, say or do until you come in this group and arrogantly state your "facts" to a bunch of people who don't believe your "facts." I can't prove I'm right and you can't prove you are. Still you insist on trying to make us believe what you believe and when we call you on it, you insult to everyone. When we rebut it, you get all smart assed and snarky and speak unintelligible. LOL You are insignificant to me - small minded, lonely girl. I'm glad you brought to my attention my one typo while your spelling has been wrong on many counts. Make sure you take another English class and get your money's worth out of college. LOLOLOL You're such a good Christian telling me my granddaughters mother is a mistake. You're a pathetic excuse for a "Christian."

VendettA12<br />
Please tell me how i think I should be admired for stating my opinion? When did I once say I would like for everybody in the group to look up to me and worship me? Seems like to me you think you're proving a point by replying with comments that are boiling down to the simple fact: we don't have the same beliefs and you're mad. You're a mad child who isn't getthing their way so you're going to reply and reply and reply and try to tell others to agree with you! <br />
Confused-about what? Tell me where I seem confused about anything i've said. <br />
Lol seems like nobody will ever change your mind, ever. And everybody who believs in God is your enemy and you'll argue with them until you're blue in the face. <br />
I stated my opinion about all other false gods, i sure did. And i pat myself on the back for believing in what i believe in? Call it what you want. <br />
Proving my point-why are you bringing up what somebody else said? Can't speak for yourself? Ran out of things to say? Feel like you're not being backed up and need a crowd to help you out and aid you with ideas, to continue this childish debate on my OPINION. Well since you're talking about it-so i'm a hypocrite for not believing in somebody else's false god? So- that means that in the bible it doesn't say "there shall be no other God than me"? Seems like you are also confused. If i was to say I believe in say 'Buddah" but then agian I'm a Christina-then and only then would you and the other one be correct, but unsurprisingly you're not. <br />
I'll say again ashamed of my beliefs-never. are you ashamed of your foolish beliefs-you sneer God. But yet i'm the one who's wrong-only-because I don't believe what you do. Shallow...<br />
I do say honey and dear, and? What am I supposed to be like you and have a gutter mouth. Cry cry cry-you don't believe what I believe..your're wrong get over yourself. You're pointless. <br />
For somebody who don't even believe in God, how would you know what a "good" Christian would be like? Oh-you don't ...only following the crowd. <br />
I can't hurt "our" feelings. Why are you speaking for others? Oh-so you're your "own" god-and I guess that allows for you to speak for you and everybody else like you. Tiresome-who keeps on replying? WHo keeps on coming to whom?? Ask yourself that. <br />
Most of "us"..once again you're speaking for others. So you know what everybody's thinking..interesting...<br />
If you find it so amusing then look,laugh, and leave. Oh no-Mr. I'm Right, has to prove his point and feel confident because he's being backed by others. LOL.

JojoWazoo<br />
Lost control how? When? I don't have to use caps to get my point across, which i've done. I'm not saying much but a bunch of "stuff"-you fail to lable the "stuff" as my opinions, my views, my thoughts. It sounds like i'm whining as I yell-oh okay I had no idea you could hear me-so...what are you now, oh I forgot you're your own "god" lol. Yes my avitar has lonely-i'm sure you've searched numerous times through my experiences and stories so when you do it again, read for that reasoning. How much sense can your grand daughter know, first she's six, she's the product of a mistake you produced-so hmm... if you're going to a 6 year old for sound advice, which i'm sure you do, then that's a personal problem. <br />
Yes, I came into the group! Sure did. I voiced my opinion, and now I have a bunch of opposing views i guess trying to "bully" me for not being stuck on myself and have the beliefs that I'm my own god. Okay.<br />
I don't have facts, okay so it's a fact that there is no God? Is that an absolute truth to that? You've seen things that -in your opinion-shouldn't have happened to a certain person and you automatically jump to the conclusion that there's no God. <br />
Oh, trust and believe (if you will) I do belong to other groups that are Christian based. I made a told my story and now everybody expresing their opinion, which is fine until you insult me. What don't your open mind understand about that? <br />
How is it my beliefs are bullshit but yours are not? Like I thought-i don't agree with you so i'm wrong. I see now-i'm either with you or against you. <br />
So i state my beliefs and then defend myself to the ones who come at me calling me out of my name? Are you not doing the same (even though I did not start with you?). So it's fine if you do it, but when I do it, it's a problem? Aah, I see-i guess that happens when people think of theirselves as gods have more power than the next. Lol and yet again my mind is small because i'm not sharing the same views and beliefs as you. Lol who's small minded after all!<br />
Hmm, maybe you've been around your 6 year old grand daughter too long and you're compairing her to everybody that you don't agree with. I don't know or care. But I don't throw fits. You have a active imagination-first you"hear" me whining and yelling. Next you "see" me rocking back and forth pulling at my "hear" ..i guess you meant hair-but gods can make mistakes. <br />
The other comment was not directed towards you, and im woman enough to address it. Blowing nast college boys-lol my my such words for a old woman. Whatever you teach your children don't mean everybody does.

I think lostprophet would get along well with tulick. Both seem to think that they should be admired for spouting their opinion. YOU CAN'T CHANGE MY MIND! NEENER NEENER NEENER! <br />
<br />
I'm not sure why lostprophet is so confused about why people comment on this thread. It's quite simple. She stated her opinion (a comical diatribe against Muslims). At the same time, she pats herself on the back for believing in an equally silly religion. Resem was absolutely correct to invoke the word hypocrite, because it is the height of hypocrisy for a devout believer in one invisible being to sneer at the devout believers of a different invisible being. <br />
<br />
Not only is she not ashamed of her silly hypocrisy, she's proud of it. She passes out terms like "honey" and "dear" and doesn't seem to understand that they are diminutive terms, not so subtle insults. <br />
<br />
Listen up sweet cheeks, you should probably do some more homework if you want to be a good Christian. Or do you think that Christ is reserving a special spot in heaven for you because of your pompous, holier than thou, sneering condescension? <br />
<br />
You cannot hurt our feelings, sweety. Despite your tiresome sanctimony, most of us still find your petulance amusing. Don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back, snookums.

It looks like you're lost control here, oh pious one. All you're doing is shouting without the CAPS and you're not saying much but a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense. It almost sounds like you're whining as you yell! I notice your little avitar says "Lonely"<br><br />
:-O How can you be lonely with "Jebus" at your side and "God" as your father? It seems they provide much entertainment for your little, closed mind. I've heard more sense out of my 6 year old granddaughter. <br><br />
<br><br />
You don't have facts. You came here into a group that contains people who obviously believe something other than you. We are Atheists. We don't want to change your mind, we want you to go where others believe as you do and go have one big Christian Mind ****. You spout your bullshit beliefs and then you try to defend your position to a group of people who don't agree with you. I am sorry your little mind can't grasp that.<br>Of course we read what you say. That's all we can do, all the while imagining your sitting there rocking back and forth pulling at your hear, laughing and crying maniacally. <br />
<br><br />
And what the hell is this? "Did I say by you being proud of putting a man's... in your mouth made you BAD?" What the hell are you talking about? Is that your wild fancy? No one talked about that here and you are sick to bring it up. It has no bearing in this conversation. What happened, did someone force you to do that? Better go get a check up from the neck up. See ya later, oh pious one. Don't blow no nasty college boys while I'm gone.

resem9<br />
Next time define what Hypocrit means before you think up a word and blurt it out. Sure, i'd be a Hypocrit if I had children who I would not teach any religion to. I would be a Hypocrit if I was to go into another group to say I don't believe in God. If you have nothing to say-please just don't even reply, because you're (like most others) are looking for a argument. <br />
I can't say it enough, it's funny how you and the others read what only I say, but when people come at ME- see absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when I reply to defend myself-then there's fingers at me. Lol. you all are all the same, point the fingers at me when I state facts, but when i'm attacked-there's no problem. And you keep coming back to say what? You're mad because I don't and never will agree with me? Deal with it.

Stevester, I'm using faith and reason. I reason that if partial knowledge exists, it is highly probable that absolute knowledge does. And faith that it may be attainable. A supreme deity, if such exists, would of course have no need of either, they are mere tools. Knowing everything, what need to think or reason? If all my prayers were answered, that would imply I must be God, because my will never varied from his.<br />
The alternative that I believe in is that what I call "me" is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg that I am unaware of. And that the whole can be termed "God", but not the limited. As in Donne's idea that "no man is an island", because islands are all one below the sea.

autimom<br />
I refuse to let anybody talk to me crazy because they don't agree with what I'm saying. People are basically calling me crazy,stupid etc only BECAUSE they don't agree with me, but when I reply-all fingers are pointed at me. Ha ha. <br />
I've " have spewed some of the most hateful and inflammatory words I have ever read" have you NOT read the other comments? Have you NOT read the ones who came at me FIRST? Of course not-you're too busy analyzing and trying to scheme up something to back bite at me with. <br />
So from YOUR POINT OF VIEW if somebody comest at me calling me every name under the sun, i'm supposed to ... what? I simply defended myself! Don't like it-deal with it. Obviously you're wanting SOMETHING from me because you keep dragging back for more-you will not, call not, change my opinion. argue until you faint-you STILL can not change my mind. <br />
I'm JUDGING you by stating obvious facts-are you NOT in the group? Did i NOT state the obvious? See at this point you're running out of words so you're reading what others are saying and you're just babbling. I mean-what more do you want to discuss? We don't agree-so... WHAT?<br />
Did I say by you being proud of putting a man's... in your mouth made you BAD? No-but filthy YEP. Disgusting, sure. See don't put words in my mouth. Once again was I judging YOU by stating the obvious fact that you were in that group? Nope. <br />
I lack peace, love and tollerance? JUDGEMENTAL OF YOU.but i wouldn't expect much more. How do you know me and what I'm about? Do you follow me everyday to see how I treat others? Peace-so by being peaceful-i'm supposed to retract my comment? I'm supposed to go along with your "reasonings"? Love-how is love relivant to anything? Stay on topic hun. Tollerance, am I not tollerating everybody's coments? Did I erase anything ANYBODY SAID? If you look at each of my comments and each of the people who made a comment you'll see i responded. But no you're too busy only reading what I wrote. Look dear you're clearly here for a argument and it's really pointless. I said what i meant, and i mean what i said! NOthing you can say will change my mind. Good day

We need to create a National Hypocrit Day so we can properly honor lostprophet and some of the horrid things that fall out of her mouth

undercconstruction: i need a straightjacket for expressing my opinion-which is opposing yours? If that's the case i'd gladly take one.

For such a self proclaimed Christian, you have spewed some of the most hateful and inflammatory words I have ever read. An actual Christian would respond with love, kindness, and not judge others. There is nothing Christ-like about anything you have said.<br />
<br />
And trying to throw someones desire to be a better lover as one of their goals out like that makes them some how a bad person...I don't see how one could be more judgmental. <br />
<br />
I thought Christianity was about peace, love, and tolerance. You lack all three.

PP You are using reason in this discussion. Religion is the enemy of reason. One cannot have faith and reason they tend to be mutually exclusive. On Godfree's blog there are numerous contradictory statements about god answering every prayer and yet we have no experience of that ever happening. Reason tells us that god in the shape presented by mankind is highly unlikely, faith tells us otherwise - never the twain shall meet.

I once had a cart. I decided it would go better if I removed all the spokes in the wheels except the true ones that touched the ground. They all went to the centre, but since they pointed in all directions, only one could be true. It collapsed.<br />
In a hilarious TV episode of Rowan Atkinson, he was the devil's henchman explaining things to new arrivals in hell. Having dealt with fornicators ("Would you all please line up behind the tiny guillotine in the corner"), he proceeded to talk to Christians: "Now, all you Christians, I'm sorry about this- but you were wrong. The Jews got it right."<br />
If we are to be judged on beliefs rather than deeds, Hitler will perhaps be in heaven and Gandhi in hell.<br />
I don't think I could accept that kind of supreme deity.

You twist my words to strengthen your little argument. WRONG! God has not kept me alive. I'm here and living just like everyone else due to the natural progression of life. Hopefully one day you'll see and you'll be freaking out because you're not going to heaven. I have many years left but I'm not afraid to die. I know, neither are you because you're promised the utopia of heaven! Well, have fun because dead is dead and you, even though you're younger might be dead before me! Have a nice life, oh pious one, whatever is left of it.

Oh so you're bitter at God because you're a health care worker and you've seen death and you got the mentality "the good should live on forever".I knew there was a problem somewhere. That's life sweetie-bad things happen to good and bad people! Nobody is immune- <br />
God has kept you alive to be a old lady! But hopefully, oneday you'll see.

I can't prove it and I really don't care......I have no proof of an invisible cloud being so, just like Santa and the Easter Bunny, they don't exist to me. Sweetie, I've been working in healthcare for over 20 years. I've seen more prayers than you'll probably say in your lifetime and I've never seen one of them answered answered yet! Bad things happen to good people. No loving "God" would do some of the things I've seen. Remember, I'm a(n) old lady and I've seen alot, just not "God" stuff.

Well you're old, don't believe in God, so it'll be proven! :) <br />
Now I want you to prove to me there is NO GOD. <br />
You're a old woman-you've been around quite a few blocks, seen probably the world-know damn near everything.

I want you to prove to me that I'm going to burn in hell, and don't quote some stupid fictional scripture. I want real proof!<br><br />
<br><br />
I'm an old woman, I need to be shown these things. ;-)<br />
<br />
I am the daughter of my parents, who by the way treated me very well and raised a good productive citizen of the world. I live by the golden rule and am a very kind and compassionate person. What I'm not is intolerant of people who believe differently than me. This whole thread is about "I Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse" and you come on here spouting your religious crapola and expect us to bow down and genuflect to you because you are a child of God." It's bullshit, you're bullshit. Where are you going next, into the "I am an Atheist" group and profess your love for someone we don't believe in there too? Why don't you take your childish *** over to the "I love God" section and profess your **** to people who think like you do? Then we won't rebut your silly crap anymore! BuBye!

I am the daughter of God-that's who! You might be misled that he's a "sky god" because of ...some reason that's rubbed you the wrong way or misguidance. In anyevent Yes-EVERYBODY will be better off believeing in God and Jesus! Free will-okay so you're saying that there are not people in the world today who were brought up in a Christian household-but are now either non-religious or whatver path they've chosen-is that not their FREE WILL to discontinue their beliefs in God? Yes i do believe in God SO MUCH. Call it what you want-it's my OPINION. :) thanks for the comment

So who are you to decide which religion is right (if any)? What makes you think that people would be better off believing in some imaginary sky god because people taught it to them a told them that it was right than if they had picked it up on their own. When these things are taught in schools to impressionable minds it corrupts the entire concept of free will (if you even believe in such a thing). For someone who believes in god so much, your god complex is astonishing and appalling.

first of all why is a adult woman saying "thunk,thunk"-lol ..a old one at that..enough said. <br />
I didn't say teach them religion to ACT RIGHT. you teach them of about their creator then you've started them on the right road. So, did your parents' love you but wanted you to do right? ((If not, that's your problem you ned to deal with)). And yes, you will burn in hell if you don't accept Jesus into your life and heart. <br />
I don't know about you nor your heart but I do know God is real, I know Jesus is real. I KNOW miracles have happened to me, prayer works wonders-try it some time you might be surprised. <br />
Scare children into believing God? I've never once been told if I don't read a bible God will get me or curse me or punish me-after all look at you and the rest of the people who don't believe. So you're saying everybody's wired to treat each other with kindness? What about bullies, murders, rapists etc. So-you're saying they're wired to be kind? They learn to live by the golden rule? So every human being respects their fellow human being? Hmm... *THUNK* think before you speak. <br />
Some people (very few) do state their opinions. Other get on here immediately begin name calling and making off the wall judgemental comments (I am of the thought that Lostprophet was abused and brainwashed as a child as she was being indoctrinated with religion. She now feel she needs to come her and "save" us) about things that's basically irrelivant. So..<br />
Yes, if you come at me insulting me talking crazy to me, acting irrational, name calling, just being CHILDISH, then your *** WILL get blocked with the quickness and I won't think another thing about it! <br />
So that makes me a "bad" christian if a person calls me out of my name, insults me, rants and raves instead of calmly stating their opinion then letting me reply? <br />
As old as you are seems like you'd know better than that, but then again You don't even believe in God so.. SO-if you don't even believe in as you'd put it "some invisible cloud being" then what's your stance here? You drug in here to say what? You don't agree and won't shut up until I either take back what I said or either stop talking? Yeah...that's what I thought.<br />
Before you reply, please understand and think about what i've said! <br />
<br />

*Thunk, Thunk* (those are for you, BTW) Babies are born with blank slates, you're right, but you don't have to teach them religion to make them act right, do the right things or be nice to people. That, to me is brainwashing them to fear 1) "God" who loves you but wants you to do right. 2) The devil because you will burn in hell if you don't behave (just like If you're bad, Santa won't bring you any toys, see a pattern here?) and 3) just the fact that you teach them to believe in some invisible cloud being that you have no proof of, except words in a book called the "Bible." If the "Bible" is the "truth, light and the way," why do you all read "The King James Version" or the "New International Version?" Where's "God's Version" or "Jebus' Version?"<br><br />
The reason you really don't have to scare kids into believing is because we are all pretty much wired to treat each other with kindness and we learn to live by "The Golden Rule" which is pretty basic as far as respecting your fellow human beings no matter what they believe and treating others how you want to be treated. Imagine this! All without having to be scared of "hell fire" and "eternal damnation" for being "bad." <br><br />
We stated our opinions too but you just keep wanting to rebut them, and then you block someone. Geez., Nice Christianly thing to do!

JoJoWazoo: <br />
Forgive me for not giving you your time to shine. I was never ABUSED as a child, but my mother did teach me the ONLy way to salvation. Yep she did-now where were you going with this? NOwhere, thought so. <br />
While you're misjudging me *THUNK* you need to go back and read my origional post, where did i say - i'm here to save everybody who comments so please come with me? i didn't so what are you yapping about? I stated my opinion so how is that trying to save anybody, lol lol...somebody should have led you to...<br />
:) thanks for commenting

Passepartout:<br />
Thanks for commenting. <br />
No-it's not like football, it's obvious that nobody has to support Jesus-but look at most of the world without him! I do want children to have minds of their own but, a child starts off knowing nothing-if you teach them bad habits, wrong information-they're pretty much going to live with it. If you teach them the truth, they'll understand it. I look at it like, if you know Jesus, not just know there's a Jesus and just the story of his birth but if you KNOW him KNOW him-then it'll add up. These other false gods (lol losers) are nothing=it's like chasing unicorns and faries. I said it and i meant it. If i seem like i'm "lashing out" at you i'm not. But i my opinion (which these idiots seem not to understand that they can't change my mind on what I believe) there is only ONE way to salvation and that's through Jesus. Funny when religion comes up and people who don't believe in him or ANYTHING for that matter get offended and run off at the mouth. Thanks for your MATURE comment!

VendettA12:<br />
YOU'RE WELCOME HUN! I hope you find God to help you.. if my opinion seems childish to you-so be it. You mean no more to me than i mean to you. And lashing out-darn right! You talk crazy to me (which MOST have done, then the favor WILL be returned) :]

*Thunk* I got it! The title of this group here is "I Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse."<br />
I am of the thought that Lostprophet was abused and brainwashed as a child as she was being indoctrinated with religion. She now feel she needs to come her and "save" us.<br />
Oh My!

It would be pretty silly if schools weren't allowed to teach history because there was disagreement over who started a war. Likewise, the religious/secular options for schools (Christianity taught as fact, versus no teaching at all) are equally silly. Surely the answer is to teach philosophy, including comparative religious belief systems. Starting at kindergarten with such ideas as "Who am I?", "Is there a God?", "what have morals to do with beliefs?" and so on. Then progressing to differences in ritual and belief all over the world. And the lives of philosophers, prophets, messiahs, and saints. Or is the whole thing like a football match, where we think our side might lose unless we support it? Don't we want our children to have minds of their own, on the grounds that they are weak and likely to "go wrong?"

Your welcome! <br />
<br />
And thank you for proving the ineptness of your position and your inability to answer any questions. It's true that your opinion hasn't changed, but here's a hint: you're not going to change anyone else's opinions with that approach, either.<br />
<br />
So have fun being alone with your imaginary friend. May your imaginary god bless you.

...twist my words as you wish. state your opinions,also. my opinion is still unchanged :) thanks for commenting.

lostprophet, you do realize you invited me to post here, right? Or do you forget typing that? So why ask me to post and then ask me why I bother posting, since I'm not going to change your mind? Make up your mind, do you want me to post here or not? <br />
<br />
Why such a reaction, lostprophet? Are you really that insecure? I asked questions. You conveniently ignored them, and I understand why, since they point out how silly your certitude and attitude is. So instead of answering you start lashing out. Tell you what- consult Jesus and get back to me, surely he can help you answer the questions I asked. <br />
<br />
Such ignorance and intolerance is slightly amusing, in a way, but it's also very sad to see such a young mind poisoned with biblical certainty. <br />
<br />
I also liked your post with the sanctimonious attitude where you lash out insults... then you say you hope Jesus saves the person you are insulting... and then you say not really. Very Christian of you. I can picture Jesus having the exact same attitude... NOT. <br />
<br />
Are you really at least 18? Your attitude seems more like the irrational lashing out of a 6 year old.

Isn't this rather like saying that white supremacy is the only history that should be taught in schools? Or the USA is the only country of importance? The idea of education is to present facts, not opinions, leaving children well-equipped to make up their own minds. 'Christ' is not a name, it wasn't used until centuries after the crucifixion. Jesus was termed the Messiah or Christ, which means 'enlightenment', just as Siddartha was termed the Buddha, which means exactly the same. There is no difference in their essential teachings - love, brotherhood, toleration, right action.

thanks for the comment :)

I can hardly comment on this ****................ I'm sitting here<br />
next to one of my best friends who's a Muslim. I read her this **** and She said "whatever!" and showed me the hand. LOL<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
See, we don't believe the same things but we RESPECT each others beliefs because we have more in common than different religion or non religion.<br><br />
You hope Jebus comes into our life before we die? WE DON'T BELIEVE IN JEBUS! GET IT? Dead is dead! What's the matter. You can't handle that thought?

holoman-lol hmm who wants the attention? me stating my opinion OR you who's just talking just to be talking? yes i joined the group, YES i stated my opinion. Yes I justify it. So your point is what? You're mad because i don't agree totally with you? Ha-guess what? I feel GREAT! You're fuming and cursing and upset; i'm not. Lol- I want attention-lol no I don't to be honest, but i see i've got your FULL attention-lol loser took out time to log off of his OR her other page just to log into this one and join it just to have another post opposing me! Feel good about yourself lame? Lol-I hope Jesus comes into your life before you die...but then again..if he don't..that's your problem

This GROUP is called "I think indoctrinating children with religion is child abuse"<BR><BR>CHILD ABUSE.<BR><BR>stir up ****? You joined the group. WHY? You advocate what we already stated we believe is CHILD ABUSE. Laugh it up!<BR>Have you read the other stories in this experience?<BR>It is a group for people who have been through years of this sort of abuse.<BR>DO YOU JUST WANT ATTENTION?<BR>**** OFF! This is a group for people who believe what you are advocating makes you a CHILD ABUSER!<BR>You also KNEW you were insulting all of the MUSLIM EPers, every non-Christian, most NORMAL sensible Christians too..<BR>Yes, I openly admit I am a 2nd profile. I have given the reasons pretty extensively, many times.<BR>I have no integrity BUT I SAID IT FIRST! ha! So don't dare try to use that against me!<BR>You knew when you joined this group, that at least 27 people would be hurt deeply by what you said, that it would pop-up on our screens that a story had been posted in a group that we agree with, where we come to find like-minded individuals.<BR>Ok, you begged me to come and write here. You wouldn't let me talk to you privately. You won't hear me now, but now I just want to set the record straight:<BR>You make me feel bad. I don't actually EP for that. <BR>I don't even want to use my main profile because this **** make me feel worse, it can't be healthy to bring-up emotions like the ones you are producing in all these people. You know I keep this profile to throw my unwanted trash into.. (I did not have to swap profiles to post, only to stop my activity showing on my friends' screens) <BR>You are spreading bad vibes. <BR>So you go in the trash profile!<BR><BR>That is my point. How many times do I have to spell that out for you. You are unhealthy. You are spreading a disease. <BR>I am not cursing. I am hurt that you enjoy the product of your vicious little five line rant. <BR>It is your enjoyment I find most disturbing. You actually like this? Eww, gross! You told me you were afraid of looking stupid, well, you really faced-up to that fear, dived right in!<BR>I oppose you because you oppose this group, and because I went through the experience described in the title.<BR>You get all your 'knowledge' passed down to you from scripture..<BR>YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU ARE A PROPHET!! Those were your words, and I knew that you were not writing the truth. I remembered, obviously, it is important, it tells me so much about who you ARE. I made a note of it in the 'Jot a note' section on your profile: "Claims to be a prophet- Liar". I like to use the tools that EP provides, including this 2nd profile, where I keep the majority of my **** low-key, and away from my friends, I don't like to spread bad feelings around.. you and this convo' are bad feelings. I can't even be friends with you any more on my main profile, I don't want this in my brain, it's not helping my mind.. i can't be friends with you on this profile either,unless you accept that you need to change.. I mean this profile would be friends with anyone who recognises that they need to change, I even had a pedo' friend but I only let him go the other day.. coz he admitted he wouldn't accept he needed to change. <BR>So I don't want to shun you, really, I hope I have proved that! But I must shun you if you tell me you think it is ok to behave as you are. You do not admit that you are broken, that your soul is sick? Well I DO!<BR>No I don't often feel good about myself.. i can only try to feel better about myself by doing good deeds, having good thoughts, rejecting hate.<BR>Jesus will only come to you, when you admit to yourself that you have NOT found Him. He is not a who, but a what! Jesus is Love. But you must want Him in your heart. Realise that He is missing from your life, and decide to put Him in your life. You must become humble. <BR>Realise that you are not Loving us with your story! You are hating us with it. MY God does not hate. <BR><BR><br />
<br />
One Love is for all!<BR>Even the hopeless sinner who has hurt all Mankind , just to save his own beliefs!!!(you)<BR><BR><br />
<br />
Now write a decent response, with some Jesus in it!

what i don't have to do is lay out my life! and what you WON'T DO is try to "bully me" and force your opinions on me by stating the same things over and over. and the end of the day i will still strongly stick to my opinion and so will you. so now-what's your reason to keep commenting? you're a atheist-so...what is your reason for commenting? Oh, you must be like your friend and just need to stir up **** - i understand.

what i don't have to do is lay out my life! and what you WON'T DO is try to "bully me" and force your opinions on me by stating the same things over and over. and the end of the day i will still strongly stick to my opinion and so will you. so now-what's your reason to keep commenting? you're a atheist-so...what is your reason for commenting? Oh, you must be like your friend and just need to stir up **** - i understand.

"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." <br />
<br />
- Stephen F Roberts

Thanks, "dear"<br />
<br />
I don't have much time here at work so I'll have to check in with this thread later. <br />
<br />
First off I'd like to congratulate you on the fact that you have chosen "Christianty (the TRUTH, WAY AND LIGHT)"... what a relief you must feel, knowing that you believe in the only VALID religion, the only CORRECT religion, and the religion that has so much more CREDIBLE evidence than all other religions. After all, your religion claims to be the one true religion above all others, so it MUST be correct, eh? <br />
<br />
Wait, what's that you say? The same ostentatious claims are made by the Qur'an? How can this be? Don't those silly Muslims know that Christianity's invisible being is OBVIOUSLY REAL, while their invisible being OBVIOUSLY ISN"T? Can't they read the Bible? <br />
<br />
Don't they know that there's over a BILLION Christians? Having over a billion must make it true. Oh wait, there's over a BILLION Muslims, as well? <br />
<br />
hmmm, that's troubling....<br />
<br />
lostprophet, have you asked yourself why you give so much validity to Christianity and think other religions are "wack" and "half-assed"? <br />
<br />
What makes you so sure? Were you raised as a Christian? (meaning were you brainwashed from an early age?)

once again. <br />
Betty; if you're going to make a comment keep it mature, not just write the first thing that comes to mind or write just to start ****. <br />
My insults towards underconstruction-why are you worried/ refering to what me and another person is talking about? How is that relivant to you-oh yeah it's not. But i shouldn't expect more from a former acid user. You refer to me as a douchebag-lol well i guess it takes one to know one, huh. Yeah, i said it was demeaning-and no i've NEVER did it and NEVER will, maybe you were raised to do that to men and women but i surely was not. Before you start talkin outta ya *** PLEASE know what the hell you're talking about and not just come on here for ATTENTION.

VendettaA12:<br />
Oh, no no dear write to you hearts desire! Write it here.

Betty Valentine, that's between you and God.

We get to God by faith, obedience, loving one another. Belief has nothing to do with it. Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life; Jesus preached toleration and brotherhood, not exclusion. He didn't use the word "only", or that there is only one belief system acceptable to God.

This is so sad... I had really hoped it was satire, but alas, you weren't joking. Not sure why you wouldn't want any discussion to take place where others can actually see it, but if you insist on that I guess I can send you questions via message. I'll do that later when I'm not at work.

Honestly first i must say THANK YOU for being a ADULT about the situation. THANK YOU for being a REAL WOMAN and coming to me without name calling and acting childish. I totally understand what you're saying, sometimes when you force things on a person they do go the other way. But my view is i atleast want you to know i'll teach you, and if you choose to do other things when you're an adult, then ther's nothing much I can do about it-but atleast I know and GOD knows that I taught him the way he should be so when he's grown if he ever strays the presence of God will be anchored. <br />
Once again thanks for your view-point:)<br />

resem9;<br />
okay-and that means what? Did i say "please people take me seriously". Lol don't comment just to create drama. Next you "vomit in your mouth" -do me a favor and choke on it. <br />
:) Thanks for commenting.

BaskitCase: <br />
First off thanks for searchin through all of my experiences and stories to find something to throw up to STILL not speak on what's relivant here. <br />
No way shape or form will i erase something that i meant from the bottom of my heart! However, did i say I go around telling people that God told me to tell you this..God told me to tell you that? NO! i said i'm ashamed to actually GET SAVED because of ME. I'm not ashamed of GOD. See when you throw things up honey atleast make a point. You said you wouldn't comment-why? DOn't have anything to say? Anybody who reads or comments on my stories can easily do what u did and go find somethng that I said to make me seem like i'm a liar. Lol so i'm STILL waiting on your point; from what i see you have none. Just arguing to aruge.

I just vomited in my mouth a little...are we supposed to take you seriously? Wow..

underconstruction<br />
See it's always somebody who want's to insult and start a damn argument! <br />
If being the poster child for birth control means i believe in God and JEsus-then i'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville!<br />
<br />
This coming from a person who's goal is to give good ORAL SEX? A demeaning act towrds yourself. Lol then you chose to reproduce, your FIRST mistake, your second was talking to me out of the side of your neck and thinking I was going to let it slide. I think NOT. Proud mother of one-ha know how that's going to end! <br />
SO to sum this little-conversation up-if you're going to come to me, PLEASE come hard with it!

VendettA12<br />
<br />
What's up with these serious and kidding remarks. I have nothing to kid about. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Yes-i surely did express my opinion! <br />
We can discuss whatever you'd like to try to argue, but please write me in my mail so we can talk DIRECTLY. But don't bring any foolishness

autimom;<br />
<br />
Kidding for what hun? I couldn't be anymore serious. I believe in MY God and Jesus-therefore i know they're the ONLY right way :). Ain't so much that I don't RESPECT them it's more of I don't believe in them.


Psychedelic;<br />
<br />
Christ because he's the ONLY WAY INTO HEAVEN. not these other misguided lying FALSE prophets, ali and other fairytales. That's why

Stormynightsky: I agree Jesus is the truth, way and light.

It's not even funny is it. The god botherers just do not have a sense of humour which is wy they believe all this crap. they don't get the joke is on them

ahahahahha! This bit of satire made me laugh. <br />
<br />
.....<br />
<br />
wait, were you being serious? If you were, then that is just sad. I'll probably cry. <br />
<br />
Let me know if this was a serious story or if you were joking. If you were serious, we have things to discuss.