Religious Pressure Is Abuse

I agree with the things said on this group, and i had 2 daughters , i am an athiest and my wife an ex catholic, and when my kids were growing up they did ask about religion and god etc, and i told them what i believed and my wife what she believed , and then i told both that religion is something that is a personal choice to a person and that they should look at religion if they wanted to and form their own opinions.they asked if they could attend sunday school with some of their friends and so we let them go to see how they felt about religion and wether it was for them.

They went along and enjoyed the experiance for maybe 3-4 years and they then made up their own minds on it, and they both believe that there is a higher being ,but are not religious as such. But i think things like religion has to be a childs own choice and parents should never push their beliefs on their kids

Yes i don`t believe but it would have been wrong of me to push those ideas onto my kids, as that would have denied them a choice in life and that would have been abuse

thanks KEVIN

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I disagree. What you are saying is tantamount to putting error on the same platform as truth. It is saying that truth is only relative i.e. according to what each person wants to believe, and not proven so by its own internal argument. I have strong convictions because I care about truth. Maybe that is because I have had so much to do with Christians behind bars in Soviet Russia. I am always happy to discuss and communicate, but when I open my mind, it is in order to close it again. That said, my parents had the same attitude as you. My father is an atheist, my mother was an ex Catholic when I was a child. They let us make up our own minds and for this I am grateful. I am a convert to the Catholic church and it was the best decision I ever made in my life.