John The Baptist A Fortune Teller?!

I am wholeheartedly against my children being fed religious clap trap at school or anywhere else....

I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and had a hell of an ordeal trying to cleanse my brain of all their spurious, ill founded indoctrinations.

So, imagine my alarm when we (my boyf, me, eldest son and little son) were sitting around the dinner table, my little boy pipes up 'Mummy, did you know that John the Baptist was a fortune teller that told everyone that Jesus was going to be coming in 6 months time? Mrs H told me'


Okay, so I accept that I have no choice but to tolerate the National curriculum and allow my son to hear about the Bible and Christianity (unless I want him to sit on his own in a separate room while they have assembly and Religious studies, which I dont) but for crying out loud! John the Baptist a fortune teller? Come on, whether we agree to the story of the Bible or not, that's not even in it! It goes on to say that people who dabble with fortune telling and 'vile' practises will be destroyed. You cant just make it up as you go along or else why bother teaching them anything about religion?

Perpetuating the ever changing story of religion does nothing for little kids. So why cant we stop teaching them things that arent true?


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I agree. The most important word in the name of this group is indoctrination. That is very different from giving general guidance about right and wrong. I was raised by a father whose full time job was preaching in an evangelical church called the assembly of god. I have totally rejected religion of all kinds as a result. My father has since changed from Christianity to Islam. Go figure... I raised my daughter religion free and she is a well adjusted person who carries no religious guilt to weigh her down. She is seeking some meaning to life as is natural but she is leaning towards Wicca which is fine with me because it is not dominated by men. Thanks for sharing your views.

Where to begin.<br />
Please back up you assertion that Darwin did not believe in evolution, any evidence or quote will suffice.<br />
Theory in science is not the same as theory in the general vernacular. Gravity is a you doubt gravity?<br />
Creation should be taught in schools, true. But not in the same class. Creation by the means of gods and magic words should be taught in comparative religions class, while creation by means of physics should be taught in science class.<br />
You wish me luck with "reality" but you need to understand luck plays no part in it. Luck is the sister of wish craft, magic and superstition. Reality is provable, it stands up to investigation it does not shrink away from challenges.<br />
Evolution says life evolved from simpler forms, this can be proven by fossil records. Religion says life was created by an invisible being uttering words and fashioning people from mud and spare parts, and the evidence is............?

.02<br />
<br />
we will not know what is right or wrong till the end sorry to say<br />
<br />
i was part of a group the was repeated raped by a pentacast group the did speicla need baby sitting<br />
<br />
i made a promis manyyears ago to my partner in viet nam that is i ever went back to a church i would try his for a year<br />
so right no i am studying with the witness and going to there hall i find them in many ways better thenothers groups inthe ears you do not see then tell other how great there our in the am then ihave to try and keep them alive after they crashed ther car and had a 2.0 blood counts<br />
<br />
we do not agreee on many things and we do get in some neat conversations<br />
<br />
but i also thingwe allknow right from wrong and how we need to live our life and wemake the choice

I am a follower ofJesus and His teachings and was raised around the church and told things that is not in the Bible and interpetated by men that had good intentions but took it to far in their legalism. Later in life after searching for myself and studying many different religions I did come back to Christainity... which in my uneducated opinion is the only way. but schools should stay out of religious teaching but it cant because the world is not gray it is black and white. You either follow God or Satan, only 2 choices. I know many people say their either is no heaven or there are many ways to it, I personally disagree but it is our individual choice. Unfortunately most of us dont study hard or take much like eternity serious it all about instant pleasure. Hey I'm no different. but that doesn't make it right. So what do we do to insure our children get to choose... Creation for example should be taught from all angles and theories. I was told once that if believed God created all things like the Bible says then I'm a fool and needed to start back in elementary school because I had no reasoning power. I looked at it and told the high school teacher it would be harder for me to except evolution and the fact that Darwin himself didn't totally believe it , it was just a theory, but anyway she taught religion by downing mine, so how do you teach theory without personal opinions, nearly impossible so either dont or allow it fully as theory or decide by their family, The families should be strong enough to do the teaching but we are not. Be a seeker of the Truth and you shall be a finder. Good luck and Godfree good luck with reality ,most teachers dont teach that.

Godfree110158, you have such a way with words. When you put it like that, it's hard to imagine how anyone could buy the whole religion thing :)

rotfl Jiggy, teach children from a book about talking snakes and donkeys, flying zombies and magic gardens? Please child, spare the kids stupidity at its grossest level.<br />
Religion should be taught in the temples, churches, ashrams,mosques and homes.<br />
Schools should teach reality

John the Baptist is a fore runner and not a fortune teller, I am for the Bible being taught to everyone but it has to done the right way. When I was in School, I was taught creation and evolution and as a child, creation sounded a lot better, so this is my question to you, if the Bible is not taught at School, what do you want your child to learn? I say that because at least we know the Bible is the same in every country of the World ( by the way, when I say Bible, it those not include JW as they have alternative book) if we discard the Bible, then we are left with or one option to make it up as we go along.

Sorry Jiggy but the Jehovah's Witnesses do not have 'an alternative book'. They read entirely from the Old and New Testament, unchanged and unedited. You may have seen additional literature from their Watchtower Society, but those are simply tracts and Bible excerpts designed to be used as Scripture learning aids. I know this because I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and for the most part, my family remain within that religion.

I totally agree with you on that... I can't believe that in the 21st century it's still considered OK to lie to children. I had a hard time with it when I was a kid, because it seemed so unlikely but the grownups really seemed to think it was all true! <br />
The world is confusing enough for a kid. What's wrong with teaching rational thought?

thats the national curriculam for you,i personally am a spiritualist and my oldest daughter is the same,my son and middle daughter have no beliefs and my youngest just says im a freak !<br />
dont even bother to talk to my husband about it but people have the right to make up their own minds,i may have just gone off at a tangent a bit,sorry !