No Reason As To Why......

Less than 4 weeks ago my husband told me that he cheated on me. Not because he wasnt in love with me but because he felt rejected by me when I didn't want to feel his touch. Not to say it's an excuse but I had just had a baby and was more concerned about me and my newborn child's health. I asked why couldn't you just say something or why her? My self esteem is demolished and the person to build that confidence just took advantage of me. But still no excuse or no reason as to why. I'm feel lost now and lack a social life but I don't know how
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I'm very much touched by your situation, especially with a child involved. It's selfish for any man to do that, and one wonders why a sizable number of women are suspicious of many of us men. That's how a "nice guy" with good intentions can get burned in a relationship.

I hope and pray that God may touch his heart to care for you and his child. I wonder if most of us men ever imagine how we might feel if another guy treats our sisters, nieces, daughters or mothers in a disrespectful fashion?
It's depressing, but that's the characteristics of the decadent times we are living in.

All the best and God's blessings to you!

too young to be married and to be a mom, maturity and sense of responsibility comes with age and of course proper education and healthy upbringing. what kind of a guy cheats on their spouse at the drop of a hat?

Its been a month since your last post. How are things going now?

Thank you all for your support. Now that its the holidays I am trying to stay positive and strong abut I have my moments of why stay?

He sounds rather sadistic. I think he wanted to hurt you, make you feel refjected. Wow, i don't think I could stay.

I think it was selƒish oƒ him to only be thinking about his needs.He should oƒ been more concentrated on how you ƒeel just having the baby n all.