I Have Been The Other Man....

Just before my 40th birthday, I started an affair with a 23 year old married woman.  It was a thrilling run for 6 years.  But just as it started, she wanted to get rid of me, for another man.  I felt guilty, about this affair, but, I was hooked on making love to her.  It was very addicting.  All I wanted was her body.  We laughed, and had a wonderful time.  I had made a promise to myself, after my first wive started cheating on me, that I would never do that to another man.  But, I broke that promise,  I had the affair, that lead to her divorce, And then, she and I got married.  I still think about those times that we were together.  After we split up, I just shut down.  In 1994, I left her.  I have not been intimate with anyone since.  Although, I want very much, to be in love again: it seems that I doubt that I could ever find anyone, to start my heart again.
davbor davbor
61-65, M
2 Responses Feb 11, 2012

It seems to me that your heart is undisciplined and what you are really looking to satisfy is nowhere near the vicinity of your chest, but something located far lower.

If you want a good woman, you need to be a good man. A good man does not allow his heart or body to be unfaithful. A good woman won't tolerate that.

It looks like you have some things to work on.

When the time is right she will find you.