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Never Going To Happen.....

My husband and I have been married two years and together 7. We aren't perfect, we have are disagreements and fights. We also have wonderful moments and times together, which is worth every fight. My husband has been cheated on by previous partners, so he always has that fear in the back of his head. I am the most loyal person he has probably ever met, and he deserves it. I love him very much, and all you cheaters out will probably go to hell.
BrownEyedGirl09 BrownEyedGirl09 26-30, F 3 Responses Apr 14, 2012

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there are two kinds of infidelity, really.

The first kind is the one we assume everyone does. This person is genuinely selfish, and feels entitled to be able to do whatever they want to do without thinking about their partner's feelings. This person needs to learn to look at more than themselves.

The other kind is a person looking for a way to satisfy their needs, but remain with the partner they promised to stay with. This person is in a hopeless situation because the want to be responsible and continue loving their partner, but for some reason their partner has stopped satisfy their needs. No amount of communication or therapy can get this person to start fulfilling their needs, and the needs won't go away. This person believes they can both satisfy their own needs, and satisfy the commitment they made to their partner. This person doesn't know, yet, that it's not possible.

I uderstand what you're saying.....betrayal like that is hard to overcome....I too have been there and know how it feals and could never inflict such cruel phycological and mental stress such as that on another human being.....I hope he see's what a blessing you are and that you guys stop at some point duing your next fight and realise that life is too short to was time on fighting and make love instead or go for a walk somewhere peacfull and sureen.<br />
With regard to those who think its fine to cheet and lie to another human bing the should go to HELL and burn like the satanic beasts they are.<br />
Life large and love often....Have a super day. God Bless!

yeah i kinda think it's wrong too, cos if you're gonna hook up with other people all the time, what's the point in being married?