Marriage Requires Fidelity!

Marriage may be outdated, I don't know. I am in favor of it, and think any two people should marry if they choose. But marriage requires fidelity! Without that basic trust that he is devoted to you and can control himself there is no reason to be married. Marriage may not be defined as being between a man and a woman, but it is defined as being between two people who protect each other and meet each other's needs as entirely as possible.
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

I agree too. I don't think the problem is with marriage and I still believe in marriage too. My husband had an affair and left to pursue multiple relationships with multiple women. For a while I was chasing him to work things out, but then I had to hand it over to God and let go. My heart was broken...but the situation was just too unhealthy. My husband became too unhealthy. Marriage, by design, is a beautiful thing and I hope to find love again some day. Thank you guys for sharing.

i tottaly agree with u . marriage without fidelity is nonesense

I thought the point of marriage was to have the legal protection for the children, if not that, why bother

Simple...many people cannot have children. OBVIOUSLY they should not be barred from marrying.