Infidelity Is Disgusting

I have seen the effects it has on a marriage when I witnessed my stepmother cheating on my father. He didn't know for a while, but my sister and I knew perfectly well what was going on. He wouldn't have believed us if we told him and I doubt he would have if we did. She would talk in spanish to her lover on the phone on the way home from work when we were in the car, but I knew enough spanish and had enough sense to know she was cheating. She would talk in a flirtatious tone and always made it seem like she was hiding something. I can never forgive her for breaking my dad's heart. She wasn't the only, either. My real mother cheated on him, too, so I'm no stranger to infidelity. That's why I choose to be faithful to even my boyfriends, because I know how much it hurts to find out you are being cheated on. Don't try and tell me it's right in someway, because it isn't! If you cheat, so be it, but don't come to me for support, because you're not getting it! Cheating is wrong and you know it, stepmother! Why did you even get married in the first place?! You should know better than anyone what it feels like to get cheated on, because your ex-husband cheated on you! Just leave me be and stay out of my life!
nativewarrior nativewarrior
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I agree with you. I was cheated on too. My ex was doing a few different guys behind my back. i had no idea. The pain is terrible. I wouldn't have minded if we had talked about it before hand if she wanted another guy for sex. That would have been fine, but to go behind my back and lie, that was too much! There is no companionship there.