The word in the bible that the Lord uses is adultery. It is also one of Gods commandments and should not be taken lightly. He gave it to us for a reason and that was so we would obey his wishes if we wanted happy and  loyal marriages. Adultery is a sin in his eyes and when it is commited it causes hurt,pain and even death for some people. When a man and a woman marry God is pleased . Marriage vows are sacred to him and should not be broken. The Lord loves marriage and your marriage means something to him. To the Lord marriage represents when he shall come again to take HIS bride. The bride I speak of are the SAINTS. I might add that in the bible he also says he HATES DIVORCE and yet people still get them. When will people learn that  when he speaks to us it is for our own good and our happiness?

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Your imaginary friend God has nothing to do with commandments, those are just part of a story told by men and passed on down through the ages, and therefore this imaginary being has nothing to do with whether or not anything is right or wrong. Adultery happens when one person stops respecting the other. Adultery has many causes. It's way too complicated to try to deal with in here, one would have to know every detail, each person involved or affected, it's huge, but it happens.

If a wife is opposed to adultery, she must also be opposed to celibacy in marriage, unless there was an understanding of that going into the marriage (such as with previously married Priests and so forth). The problem happens so much because the unhealthy spouse (with the low libido) will not acknowledge that one goes with the other. I am and have been faithful to my spouse for 30 years. Half of those I have lived as a bitter and unwilling celibate and I feel that less harm would have been done to our marriage if she had been unfaithful. <br />
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So why is there this inability to stay intellectually honest? If this is a monogamous relationship, as mine is, then there ought to be no hint of marital celibacy unless both parties want that. Instead the sex is withheld or refused unilaterally without acknowledgment that the quid pro quo is that the refusal must cease or it will destroy the fidelity in the marriage.<br />
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A spouse cannot have it both ways - that is nothing more than abuse.

How would you have it? Do you really believe a loving wife would unilaterally shut off intimacy, for good, and then skip on about her merry way just as if she had not betrayed her husband's trust? Do you really intend to persuade anyone that this behavior is anything less than abuse?

Once a cheater is always a cheater.

True, as long as you include the refusing spouse in that definition.

That is a violation of commandment #6.

The bible says if adultry is commited you are not required to stay in that marriage. Matthew 19:9

Just for the record, I am not religious. I am spiritual. I do not believe there is a hell. I won't get into my views here, but if anyone is interested in my views email me and I will gladly tell you what I think. But think about this, Why would God punish himself? We are all a part of him right?

That's commandment #6. Though shall not commit adultery.

I agree very strongly with this. I was taught by my parents to make sure I know I want to be with that person for the rest of my life before I married him, because we believe marriage should be forever, and so does God. I have looked up what the Bible has to say about divorce a couple times, and it most certainly does not have anthing good to say about it. Marriage is not the easiest thing in the world, but its and it's something that takes work from both people, but is rewarded and blessed if you stick with it and do it God's way.:)

I could not agree with you more. Ppl get married now with it in thier heads that if it doesn't work out I can just get divorced! When I got married I took my vows very seriously. For better or worse!! Til death do us part! Marriage is such a blessing and a gift and ppl are making a mockery out of it!

yes, even the people who treat their spouses poorly are making a mockery of it. marriage isn't just about staying together no matter what, it's also about loving each other. once one person stops loving the other, the marriage is over, whether or not the papers at the county clerk say they're still married.

If there were more people like you this world would be a better place.<br />
Thank you.

I've been advocating being true to each other as a married couple for over thirty five years. I see military men and women get married, then begin sleeping and having sex with others. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Married is sacred and people act like it should be a pastime sport

We must remember that Satan is busy right now and its because he knows his time is short. Many marriages are falling apart but you have to keep trying to restore them with faith and prayer. Do what the LORD asks of you and pray that he helps you. Ask him to change your partners mind if its his will and then wait. Always wait upon the Lord. Things are done in his time not ours. Have patience but remember his answer is not always yes. He is our father and he knows whats good for us even if we dont so he may not want you with your wife or husband for a good reason only he knows. Then accept it and move on. This is a terrible world with so much unhappiness and pain but we must realize that he is our savior and our only way to survive. Sometimes he takes something away from us that we want only to give us something better. Its all in how you look at it. God bless those that have lost and I pray he eases their pain. To PRESSFORWARD ,you have something to say about your marriage ? Sorry if Im wrong.

I couldnt agree with you more. Adultary causes pain, kaos, and heart ache,and God will not bless your life if your an adultarer

and what do you have to say about abusive spouses? is marriage so sacred that abuse is ignored? do you believe this loving God you believe in would have his children live lives of oppression because their spouse is following the part of the bible that says don't get divorced, but ignoring the part that says "husbands love your wives as christ loves the church?"