Lousy Crooks

I know the insurance companies are some crooked ************.  I deal with them all the time and our patients are basically at their mercy.
They have the power to ruin lives and they do.

I work in a nursing facility and some insurances require authorization in order for someone to stay there for physical therapy.  These bastards approve patients for 7 days here and 3 days there.  WTF is this.  They know damn well that the patient needs these services, but most of the time these jerk-offs won't approve but a certain amount of days.  
Then to make things extra worse, we have to keep calling in for authorization so that they can get more days approved, so they can rehab and get better, but if that company says HELL NO!!  Then sadly they have to go no matter if they need more rehab or not.

These people pay these high *** premiums and for what???  So they can get bent over done raw when they really need their insurance's service?
veilednightmare veilednightmare
31-35, F
May 15, 2012