One Stupid Mistake And The Insurance Compnies Take The P***

I have held a clean driving licence since June 1976, Ihave driven the length and breadth of the UK both for pleasure and work, I have driven in the USA, most eastern eurpoean countries. I had an unfortunate meeting with an officer of the law and received (in my eyes) a CU80 (driving whilst using a mobile phone) Iwas almost stationary at the time and was looking for a place to stop to take the call properly, the police officer did not believe me and I received a £60.00 fine and three points! Iwish now I had contested this in court.
On my car policy I got charged £25 extra (with a decent insurance company) however the same insurance company and many others want to charge me an extre £120 to £135 for this mistake. They don't want to know of any other previous driving experience and careful driving over 32 years!
I tow a caravan, I drive a van most working days, I  am a courteous and considerate driver, I have never been involved with an accident with any other driver, and have probably averted more accidents by my observation when it has been the fault of many other drivers.

I really hate insurance compaines and think they are profiteering B*******s. If Itreated my customers like they treat us I would not have any customers, it's about time people told all these insurance companies to "stick it" - but they have too much power and influence over us mere mortals.

We as the driving millions need to get together and take action, they have had it too good for too long. 
garyG7 garyG7
May 21, 2012