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It just seems to make sense to me. If you are the most intelligent person in your social group, and nobody else really understands the things that you explain to them....Wouldn't that make you kind of depressed and possibly even make you feel like a kind of outcast ?
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Yes. Ex. Having the terms, names and theories others have forgotten roll off you toung like its nothing makes them feel bad. It not reading different book or tv shows. Its constantly showing something others do not like or is not wanted. <br />
If you have alot of good looks, muscle or money then that is good. If they have lots of facts or mental skills that can cause friction. <br />
Friction leads to isolation which breads depression. <br />
This cascades into social ineptitude. How? Social skills are learned by practice, not books, not training videos, not computer programs. Without practice one falls behind becoming social 'stupid" Sadly this does not go unoticed. Bad algebra skills are fine - bad social awareness is the mark of "nerd"<br />
While HIstory, Discovery, Health, Science, Learning and many other cable channels teach knowledge and informaiton - life skills are missed. Well except for TV - 'nerd' is the comical punching bag replacing court jester. <br />
The games people play, foot ball, la cross, field hocky, ba<x>seball, swimming, etc are liked. The games he playes - chess, trivial pursute, debate are - well - " ain't much fundin' nor spectators carin' It aint right, ain't normal. Its not what others do " Fairly obvious from city streets to rural roads.<br />
Dangerouse? How much of life involves social interaction? Not work but the fun part called life? Its dangerouse, quiet, leaves no body marks or symptoms. <br />
That bad? A handicapped person having problems receives aid. People needing help with homework get help. The poor are fed breakfast before school and given assitance during life. The bright? "If he is having problems then its life being fair. Brainiac is a mear mortal so let him figure it out for himself" <br />
There is more. Lets start here. See if its the start of an answer to your question. <br />
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I can understand but after all you wouldn't be to intelligent to feel that way. You should just associate yourself with more like minded people otherwise you may be intentionally trying to fulfill some sort of superiority complex.