Ignorance Is Bliss, My Darlings

Studies show intelligent people are more depressed because they know how the world really is.

Maybe, when it comes to life, a little bit of ignorance really is bliss. Better to not see life's true colors if you could help it.

My advice to younger people?
Hold on to your innocence. It's more precious than you think so don't try to grow up too fast. Trust me, you're really going to miss it once it's gone. No matter how much you grow & how much you go through, always try to hold on to as much of it as you can. At least hold on to a little remnant of it. Don't let it all slip away from you.
deadmoon deadmoon
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6 Responses Dec 15, 2011

A 6 years old story :)

One can not hold onto her/his innocence. It is coming naturally from inside. Focusing on other thing could distract it but it always come back. Let them be whoever they are in my humble opinion but may Wisdom be along with them.

Well said Deadmoon.

Couldnt of put it better myself! Great story. I know exactly how true that is.

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I consider myself a little more wise than intelligent, but I would give up some of my wisdom & all of my intelligence for happiness.

to true sadly. sometimes i wish i was a bit stupider