Seeing The Insanity

is depressing.

Trying to communicate with others, then having to spend 20 minutes to explain what this man is talking about on so many things takes away the joy in socializing.

A mild example: One time it was as simple as asking a college grad, with another standing beside him, who is often involved in legal disputes if someone he was dealing with happened to be litigious; from their reaction one would have thought i had just give them a handful of sh*t. When they asked me what i was talking about i asked if they were prone to bring frivolous lawsuits. I was then asked what that had to do with litigious. 

Mother forbid a man mention anything not on the latest 'reality' show. Is there any hope?

When nothing of the mundane is applicable to reality and has no true relevance to was is life one can either get bored to tears or so depressed you just want to stay in bed.

What relevance to life is it to know all the stats of teams? Why must we sit and dream of participation in life when life is waiting and beckoning for us to step outside into its loving embrace?

The height of insanity: Saying what is isn't; what isn't is. It is everywhere and is so disheartening.

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1 Response May 13, 2012

Feelings are real though. When i meditate i feel i enter a state of unconstructed thought, as in i don't attribute language to how i feel. I even sometimes try to write down what i was thinking about. It's interesting how the language is superimposed over the feeling or pure idea of what i am thinking. Sometimes i will go a whole week thinking of something i can not put to words. I eventually usually try but it falls short because some things cannot be matched with language properly (or even the language is not there). Not to mention words mean slightly different things to all of us.<br />
<br />
I think that last line is a general problem here in America especially. We get so lazy mentally and emotionally we would rather be told how to think and feel. It's outrageous to me honestly. I say an original thought is gold these days.