Depression And Isolation In Intelligent People Is Due To...

Over thinking everything. Or the way I see it, noticing the full truth of everything and wondering what the hell is the point?
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This whole conversation seems to have very little to do with intelligence and everything to do with self-pity. (sorry ellionookie).<br />
<br />
Of course we don’t know the point of our existence in absolute terms. Philosophers, religious figureheads and a myriad of other great thinkers have been trying to answer that question since the dawn of civilisation. However, the fact that we don’t have the answer as yet does not mean that our lives are pointless.

As of right now, there is no point. When they find one, people will stop asking the question. But as of now, no, there is no point.

clearly any reply i give would be utterly pointless :)

depression:<br />
you try to do what is best for you and the family, yet the criticism comes after every attempt to be normal, then you think, why did I even try.<br />
The smallest task is in question; why?...because you know you will be told you were wrong or incorrect in your efforts.<br />
You put items in the dish washer and are told; this and that are in the wrong place on the rack, that is not where (I)..WIFE... would put them. so you feel once again WHY DID I EVEN TRY.<br />
Am I in the general ball park of the desc<x>ription?

Um... I was going more for life in general. There is no point to life. To live and be hurt, argue, hate, love, which will be the worst pain ever since there is a much higher percentage of people who love people who don't love them back. so the point to life is basically to experience pain at its highest. So what is the point in living, if you don't want to be in pain.

agreed, problem is this,
prayer...Lord I do not want to continue to wake every day to be ridiculed and wrong every step I take...please end my existence as I no longer care to breath.
next day same thing repeated again, so no resolve in prayer, no reason why...perhaps I am not worthy of an answer because I question the existence of GOD based on years of prayer and no response.
I gave up long ago, I accept what I get and hate every negative non loving thing that is bestowed on me and this miserable life.

Wow. I wouldn't call myself intelligent but I was in the top classes at school and most of the time got the top marks for class tests. I don't think it's because I was smart but because I was a realist. I could see where everything was heading, accepted that things happen that we can't control or see coming no matter how much we try to avoid them coming. Those things can ruin everything that you've worked so hard for and you're right - "what is the point in it all?" :(